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Juventus McCormick
Category is: boo!
Boo to you from our crew! Stop in for a spell for this trivia game. Answer right or prepare some sweets for your teammates. A quiz consists of several rounds. Answer options are displayed right on the screen, so that you click and points are immediately awarded (both for the correct answer and for speed). Points are tallied between each round with the final round producing the winner. The rating table is displayed several times per game.

2 - 100 people

Typically 1 hour

Tiered Pricing

How It Works
Set the number of people participating in the quiz
Choose the format: prerecorded video or a live session with a host
Pay and get a link and a calendar invitation to share with your team
On the scheduled day, follow the link and enjoy the quiz
Halloween Trivia categories include:
  • Horror Films
  • Haunted History
  • Ghostly Homes
  • Spooky Legends… and more!


Difficulty varies β€” some trivia questions are somewhat easy while others are very challenging.

The best part? Sparkle points. Teams get extra points for sass and funny answers, making the game extra fun.

This experience is for teams that want to capture the fun of playing trivia and learn something new.

A Quiz Includes
Ready-made list of questions and answers on Halloween topic
Quiz host or prerecorded video
Instructions for using the admin panel
Link to enter the space
Required From Your Side
Computer or laptop
Stable Internet connection
Community Love
Customers are talking about their Halloween quiz experience:
Shanice Greig
Trivia was a HUGE success with our employees. It was our first time playing it and everyone had a lot of fun. We definitely want to try more thematic Trivia.
Oisin Martins
We've played Classic trivia before, the Halloween trivia was fun and challenging and we enjoyed our hosts!
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What do I need to participate in the Halloween quiz?

All you need is a laptop and access to the internet. You invite a team while the questions and virtual space are prepared by us.

Do we need a host if we chose a pre-recorded video?

Yes, you will need a person from your side who will switch questions and display the game results on the screen. It's easy, and we will send you step-by-step instructions.

Can we reschedule the quiz?

Yes. Learn more about cancellations and rescheduling in the cancel and reschedule section.

Can I customize the space, for example, by adding a company logo?

Yes, of course! Contact our managers via events@party.space to discuss customization and pricing for additional services.
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