TechGround Conference in Metaverse: DXC Technology

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TechGround Conference in Metaverse: DXC Technology

The TechGround community, in partnership with Luxoft, held the “Luxoft Tech Ground: Java Edition” online conference at the Party.Space metaverse — the first in a series of upskilling events.

Luxoft is a digital strategy and software engineering firm providing bespoke technology solutions that drive business change for customers around the world.

What is the problem with online conferences?

In recent years, due to quarantine restrictions on mass gatherings of people, hosting events has become a real challenge for conference organizers. In addition, there was another obstacle for Luxoft and TechGround — the war in Ukraine, where large gatherings of people in one place for a conference can be dangerous for visitors. So, the only solution was to hold the conference online. However, regular online Zoom events have their drawbacks:

  • Personalized Networking

The advantages of conferences are not only listening to speakers’ presentations but also interacting with the audience, establishing communication between visitors, and having face-to-face social experiences. But is it possible to do this in ordinary applications for conducting online meetings? This question is rhetorical.

  • Attendee Engagement

An important task for organizers of online events is to retain visitors. However, people quickly get tired of watching a lecture on a screen. Consequently, attendance statistics drop as the conference progresses.

  • Advertising the event

Attracting visitors to attend a conference is not easy. To do this, your conference should appeal to a nice that sets it apart from the crowd. However, would a Zoom conference surprise visitors of an event such as students, whose studies at universities are also conducted on Zoom?

The Solution

So, with the above in mind, Luxoft approached the Party.Space team with their ideas of hosting an unforgettable online conference. This is how we came up with solutions to the disadvantages of online events:

  • We built the metaverse space, dividing it into several zones. Each zone had its topic of reports (Cloud Stream and JVM Stream). Each visitor could choose what they are interested in hearing about and go to the virtual hall where it was discussed. If listeners got tired of listening to a lecture, they could attend another one. This kept attendance at the same level throughout the event.
  • The lecturers had the opportunity to interact with the audience, making it possible to conduct a more personal question-and-answer session. The visitors had the opportunity to sit at the same virtual table and discuss demonstrations with each other without disturbing the lecturer and other listeners. This made it possible to better engage with and understand the presented material without letting boredom sneak in.

The following topics were discussed at the conference and produced higher attendee-on-attendee engagement:

• “Discussing Backend For Front-end”
• “Java on CRaC: Superfast JVM Application Startup”
• “Unstuck it: Career development for senior engineers”
• “Java gears in Data Science”

Thanks to the functionality of the Party.Space platform, organizers were able to conduct a fundraising campaign for the purchase of backpacks for Ukrainian schoolchildren that have suffered due to the effects of the war.

With Party.Space, you can organize and host any type of metaverse celebration, including retreat parties, team-building activities, product launches, and anniversaries. Check out our portfolio for more use cases.

Have you visited our metaverse party recently? Feel free to write a review of Party.Space on G2 using the link and G2 will donate to Razom for Ukraine, a Ukrainian non-profit organization.

Published Oct 8, 2022

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