Star Wars quiz night for community members

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Star Wars quiz night for community members

What’s our favorite category of customers when we do events in the metaverse? Two words — community builders.

Building a metaverse for events or designing virtual parties for the people who are not only familiar with the virtual space but are actively residing in it — building a community metaverse around themselves and socializing virtually — is always pure joy for us. falls into this category of proactive community builders.

The Guild, also known as DAO masters, helps people create private Discord spaces for NFT and other token owners. In a nutshell, their solution combines wallet management with Discord communication features so that people can get in touch with secure, gated communities of their fellow token owners.

For obvious reasons, this sort of community would be well prepared — technically and emotionally — to entertain themselves in a microverse of their own.


The key objective of Party.Space was to entertain community members in a vastly way compared to their usual communications in Discord.
At the same time, we were trying to achieve the following benefits:

  • The experience must be as immersive as possible. Our audience isn’t newbies to metaverse live events, but there are still ways to surprise and entertain even the most experienced IT users.
  • The theme of the microverse should resonate with the tastes and likes of every community member, despite the fact that in the offline world, these could be very different types of people, residing in various parts of the world.


Trivia quiz in metaverse

What sort of activities were we planning for this virtual event for community members?

  • First and foremost, our goal was to entertain the virtual party visitors by means of engaging them in a group activity that could be competitive. It was safe to assume that Discord community members and NFT owners would sink their teeth into a competitive activity, especially in a large group of like-minded people.
  • Secondly, apart from the competitive/entertaining element, we were planning to leave some time for the more traditional virtual networking by means of video conferencing.
  • When it came to choosing a central theme, our choice was somewhat obvious — Star Wars. We were searching for a loveable and recognizable cultural reference that would not require any additional explanation to Discord users, NFT owners, and the people who spend both their business and personal time in virtual reality environments.
Star Wars metaverse

Our core activity was the May-the-4th-be-with-you quiz. The participants had to answer the questions, tricky but not always, about the Star War movie saga and its key characters. Most of the participants chose to compete in small groups as this would increase the chance of earning more points in the quiz. Thus, active networking in our online party room began in the very first minutes.

After the quiz, virtual tables were used for more video conference sessions to give attendees the opportunity to mingle with members of other quiz teams and get to know each other better.


On a technical level, Party.Space and worked closely while preparing the Star Wars virtual party room. Party.Space integrated (which is one of the fastest-growing DAO tools) to provide token-gated access to the event and the metaverse party platform. Members-only access is a seemingly basic tech feature. However, its simplicity indirectly strengthens the feeling of belonging to a unique community.

As our Star Wars quiz night was a big virtual event success, Party.Space and have some ideas for their upcoming metaverse events (already in the pipeline).

On June 7th, launched their alpha test event for selected Guilds. The Party.Space’s metaverse environment will also be used for community calls among Guild members, meet & greet sessions and other, shorter virtual team-building activities.

Did you visit this or any of our other metaverse parties recently? Feel free to write a review of Party.Space on G2. G2 will then make a donation to Razom for Ukraine, a Ukrainian non-profit organization, to support the people of Ukraine against Russian aggression.

Published Oct 1, 2022

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