PortaOne held a two-day telecom conference for 100+ people using Party.Space

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PortaOne held a two-day telecom conference for 100+ people using Party.Space

PortaOne is a developer of telecommunications software. Its mission is to enable telecom operators to launch and monetize a variety of services within one platform. Since 2001, PortaOne has managed to help over 490 providers across 90 countries, many of whom have gone on to become market leaders.

What Challenge Concerned PortaOne?

PortaOne’s 2021 Telco Conference, coinciding with the company’s 20th anniversary, was scheduled for December 1-2, 2021. The message of the event was “20 years of superb telecom experiences, connections, and innovative ideas — in 2 days”.

Due to enforced COVID-19 measures and the emergence of a new strain, it became clear that holding a conference for 100+ people offline wasn’t going to be possible. 

For this reason, PortaOne had to go online, and upon discovering Party.Space, they found it to be head and shoulders above its competitors. 

“After I watched your demo, I no longer had any doubts. I didn’t want to hold just another webinar. Our goal was not only to show but also to discuss. And Party.Space was second to none in that.”

— says Tatiana Massalskaya, Head of Marketing at PortaOne.

The Solution

PortaOne’s main desire for the event was to encourage discussion and build on its existing corporate culture. The agenda of the two-day event was set to be intense and informative. Speakers (both from PortaOne and other major telecom companies) talked about IoT, transitioning to the cloud, PortaOne updates, lifehacks, and new technologies. The schedule was diversified with a discussion of new opportunities for the telecom market and ended with a Q&A session.

To create an atmosphere of live presence, Party.Space focused on a few key points:

  • The conference hall had to have a sense of familiarity that resembled other venues from familiar professional events. Each “guest” could move around the room as a round avatar, sit at a table, and watch the speaker’s presentation on the big screen. The live presence effect was enhanced by the fact that each participant could not only listen to the speaker but also to other people sitting at their table. 
  • In addition to the sponsors’ advertising banners, there were also poster buttons for viewing the agenda and scanning a QR code to leave feedback.
  • Party.Space created an additional room, “Faces of PortaOne.” The room showed photos of employees — technical writers, project managers, application support engineers, and others. By clicking on each image, you could open a video where the employee talked about the company and what they liked most about it. This made the company more human and fostered a sense of belonging for every guest.

The Results

On December 1, 2021, more than 100 PortaOne Telco Conference participants logged into Party.Space. There was 100% attendance. In total, guests spent 6 hours in the virtual room over two days. 

Attendees were thrilled and especially appreciated being able to have a single table discussion while listening to the speaker. Unlike Zoom, this feature significantly added a sense of live presence that is sorely lacking at online events in the pandemic era. 

PortaOne also appreciated the quick response to their inquiries by the Party.Space support team. 

“The conference was a success. I don’t think our team expected to have this much fun and the Party.Space platform provided an exciting new environment to explore. In addition, I want to note the individual approach of the company. I never heard the words “We can’t do that.” All the features we needed were quickly added. It was very cool. We are definitely ready to recommend Party.Space to anyone who is looking for something new from an online event as well as a personalized touch.”

— Tatiana Massalskaya comments.

Published Mar 25, 2022

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