Parimatch Tech Teambuilding at the Horror Academy

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Parimatch Tech Teambuilding at the Horror Academy

Remote work introduces a number of different challenges to teams, but the most problematic of them is maintaining communication between employees and keeping morale at a high level.

Parimatch Tech is an international product company that develops technology and marketing solutions for the entertainment industry. The company is constantly implementing new solutions, iterating its current products to stay at the forefront of innovation, and always on the lookout for new ways to disrupt the market.

That’s why a team of project managers at Parimatch Tech decided to not just gather colleagues together but to mix things up by conducting their next team-building event in the metaverse.

The Challenge

Party.Space team was presented with the task of creating an event that was not only fun but would help recharge the Parimatch remote team during their busiest season.

The Halloween-themed quiz in the Horror Academy space is an excellent way to get the team together around a fun challenge and take their minds off their jobs.

The Solution

Party.Space team prepared a full-fledged Quiz party night for the Parimatch Tech team with an excellent opportunity to relax during such a busy week.

The evening included the following steps:

  • getting acquainted with the possibilities of space,
  • introducing the Horror Quiz,
  • competing in the trivia quiz game,
  • networking and free time.

Party.Space created an interior space that mimicked the Horror Academy’s library: pumpkins, candles, wooden furniture, and skeletons. The creepy music was playing in the background to create the effect of a horror movie.

All these effects contributed to the atmosphere around which the central element of the evening took place — the quiz. Questions about Halloween traditions and other horror topics included facts about movies, history, culture, etc.

And, of course, everything would not be so impressive without Kane Hodder, the star of the “Friday the 13th” movie franchise, who read the questions.

The Result

The entire team got together to have fun, compete with each other, and relax. The guests became competitive during the quiz because Kane Hodder, with his jokes and charisma, ensured maximum engagement.

Party.Space is ready to create the perfect metaverse for any event. And Parimatch Tech is now considering a virtual New Year celebration.

Our Horror Academy is open 24/7 all year. So you can book a space with friends or your team to compete in your own horror quiz and immerse yourselves in our scariest atmosphere.

Have you visited our Halloween virtual space recently? Write a review of Party.Space on G2 using the link.

Published Nov 18, 2022

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