New Year Party in the Metaverse for Techniche

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New Year Party in the Metaverse for Techniche

For many, the days before and after New Year aren’t just another holiday. It’s a time of relaxation, celebration, and making plans for the next year. But above all, it’s an opportunity to gather with loved ones and reflect on the last year.

For companies, the New Year is the perfect time for teams to gather, acknowledge their achievements, and set goals for the future. But most importantly, it is a time to come together, rest, and reboot after a busy year.

Techniche is a global software company that helps organizations manage the performance of their critical operational and IT assets. With its origins in Brisbane, Australia, Techniche now has expert teams in Europe, North America, and Australia.

For a company that has employees located in different parts of the world, it is crucial to maintain contact and feel a consistent sense of togetherness. This is what Techniche had in mind when they approached Party.Space for their online New Years eve party.

The Challenge

It’s no secret that employees focus all their efforts on achieving results at the end of the year, and it’s no surprise that this is when employees’ mental health is under the most pressure. Techniche took this and other critical factors into account when planning their celebration.

Party.Space’s main objective was to create a virtual space that delivers the same level of immersion to everyone in a New Year’s atmosphere while bringing the teams together and involving every attendee in active interactions.

The Solution

Party.Space created a realistic Christmas loft, the atmosphere of which has ABBA’s song “Happy New Year” playing all around the space. Snowmen, presents, reindeer, bright lights, and of course, a Christmas tree were all prominently featured in the festive space.

The evening began with an opening speech by Tom Caldwell – Techniche’s СTO. He played the role of presenter who, from the opening minutes, places a cheerful and friendly vibe on the audience with an entire schedule of details for the New Year’s celebration.

After that, Tom kicked off a small ceremony to honor and award the team for the year’s achievements and present holiday gifts from the company.

The festive quiz became the main event of the evening. The presenter read out 25 funny questions having to do with the Christmas and New Year themes. The guests competed with each other to answer on the podium and learned new and interesting facts about this holiday.

A small after-party allowed the team to share their impressions and chat in an informal atmosphere.

The Result

The entire team was involved in the celebration. The guests constantly joked in the general chat and instantly reacted to the stories told by the presenter.

The competitive process ignited excitement among participants, and after the quiz, they staged a real “battle” with the space’s emoji gun.

Although the teams were located in different parts of the world, on this particular evening, they could share emotions and enjoy their time together. Once again, it’s the virtual capabilities of the metaverse that deliver a unique experience for people that wouldn’t otherwise be able to hang out together.

Party.Space is ready to remind companies with remote teams that we’re standing by to organize your team’s next event. Give your teams the opportunity to rest and reset in just a few clicks. If you’re considering different ideas for immersing your teams, book a virtual space right now.

Published Dec 19, 2022

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