Metaverse Explorers Pitch Night: networking and investment opportunities for startups

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Metaverse Explorers Pitch Night: networking and investment opportunities for startups

On September 14, 2022, five entrepreneurs took part in the Metaverse Pitch Night held in Party.Space’s Metaverse Explorers space. Spritely, Shawerna, Peyya, Coinracer, and Rapty presented their metaverse products to attendees during Pitch Night.

The organizer of the event, YOM, is a distributed metaverse for streaming Web 3 content from any website to any device. This platform unites artists, creators, and brands and encourages them to share and collaborate.

Metaverse Pitch Night at Party.Space
Metaverse Pitch Night at Party.Space


After considering the best methods that metaverse startups can use to pitch themselves to investors, a unique virtual location for Party.Space became the obvious choice.

The main goal of this meeting was to gather startup owners and investors in the same 3D environment and present a cooperative opportunity for scaling their platform’s engagement. To do this, all 5 participants were given 5 minutes to present their products and answer the audience’s questions afterward.

The participants were:

  1. Koii Benvenutto, CEO, Spritely. Spritely builds tools that enhance users’ virtual interactions. The company’s MVP, Spriteley Avatars, allows users to create infinitely customizable avatars to augment their conversations with two-sided interactions, offering new possibilities for self-expression.
  2. Sara Asal, CEO, Shawerna. Shawerna delivers a 24/7 fully-automated AI/VR support system for greater profitability & patient care across hospitals & healthcare clinics.
  3. Daniel Dahlstrom, CPO, Peyya. Peyya is a payment provider for metaverse and Web 3. The company empowers creators, merchants, and everyday people to join and thrive in the open metaverse by helping them pay and get paid using regular money.
  4. Anthony Francis, CEO, Coinracer. Coinracer is a low-poly-style blockchain-powered multiplayer racing game.
  5. Tony Simonovsky, CEO, Rapty. Rapty is a mobile dance learning game that enriches the metaverse with user dance movements.

With the online meeting format, every startup owner was given a chance to interact with the audience. It was important to equip the visitors with places for 1-on-1 communication and general discussion so everyone would have ample networking opportunities and be able to benefit from the event.

Koii Benvenutto, CEO at Spritely on the stage

Additionally, YOM wanted to organize a non-formal networking environment after the startuppers finished their pitches. Luckily, hosting an online party in the metaverse for metaverse companies is something Party.Space knows everything about.


In order to create a comfortable atmosphere during the event, the Party.Space team ensured that every part of the event was rehearsed beforehand. This way, all the Pitch Night participants would know what to do when they are in full-screen mode and how to speak to the audience.

The space was specifically designed with the YOM identity for Pitch Night to completely immerse the participants in this event.

During each startup’s presentation, people could ask questions in the online chat, which was moderated by YOM and the Party.Space team. The visitors could sit at the same virtual table and talk about the presentation without disturbing the performer or others. This format by Party.Space has proven to enhance participant engagement.


After every company made their pitch, Party.Space organized a networking party in the space with quizzes so that guests could spend time together and get to know each other better.

As a result, more than 100 users attended the Metaverse Explorers Pitch Night and enjoyed their time with other virtual reality fans.

Virtual bar on the rooftop at Party.Space
Virtual bar on the rooftop

Contact Party.Space to set up any event for your team or company. The metaverse platform features an array of different spaces, each of which can be adjusted to your particular needs. Party.Space is also able to customize and deliver specific spaces on demand. So be sure to check our portfolio for more use cases.

Published Oct 2, 2022

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