Metaverse Auction Opening Ceremony: Avatars for Ukraine

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Metaverse Auction Opening Ceremony: Avatars for Ukraine

Despite the seemingly playful name, Party.Space does not only do virtual parties, it also specializes in more serious, meaningful, and socially important metaverse virtual events. One recent example that touched the hearts of the entire team was Avatars for Ukraine — an NFT auction initiated by notable digital artists and video game designers and approved by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

The longer name for this metaverse community project is Closing NFT Auction of MetaHistory: Museum of War. All auctioned NFT art pieces represented the artists’ creative response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the largest war in Europe since World War II.

The core creative agenda around the artwork linked to this NFT launch included the following concepts: free nation and the fight to defend this freedom, the spirit of Ukraine, and Ukrainians in their fight for existence as a nation.

Metaverse for charitable auction

All proceeds from this virtual event were directed to humanitarian aid and the defensive effort of Ukraine.

We have no doubt that our partnership with Party.Space will continue in the future, with more metaverse live events to follow. Avatars for Ukraine is a unique project because it shows a part of Ukrainian history in the making. It also shows the daily lives of thousands of Ukrainians under Russia’s invasion in real-time.

– Denys Holovatyi, community lead & COO MetaHistory

The Challenge

The key objective of the Closing NFT Auction of MetaHistory: Museum of War was to draw maximum attention to the contemporary history of Ukraine. And in doing so, encourage people to support Ukrainians in their fight for freedom and territorial sovereignty via the purchase of NFTs. Thus, the major challenges with designing and developing this virtual event were as follows:

  • to attract the largest audience possible to this event in the metaverse and ensure their participation is proactive.
  • all NFTs were to be available for both quick previewing and a more detailed demonstration.
  • several key speakers were expected at the event and some of them were bringing accompanying video materials on the topic. Musical streams by Ukrainian artists were also part of the event.
  • with Party.Space’s metaverse for events like this, it was expected that for the majority of participants, this would be their very first experience with a meta or microverse. Thus, the interface and all the settings had to be straightforward and intuitive.

The Solution:

For the Avatars of Ukraine, the Party.Space team prepared an open space per the following design parameters:

  • The space accommodated an unpredictably large number of participants.
  • Quick previews of the auctioned NFT works were available directly within the event space, with dedicated links leading to more detailed information on other platforms.
  • The event’s agenda was easily accessible from any location and angle within the event space. Key speakers and performers were streamed so that every participant, no matter where they were inside the metaverse, could watch them.

Key speakers:

Communication with all the key speakers was managed from a single admin panel. This ensured a smooth transition between the stage, the speakers, and also on the stage itself, without any delays or confusion between the admin, the speakers, the speaking order, and so on.

For all four speakers at this auction in the metaverse, it was their first experience giving a speech on a virtual party platform. And as with making a good first impression, none of them experienced any technical difficulties whatsoever.

Streaming & video content:

Ukrainian folk musicians prepared a special show for our event. It was streamed on the big screen so that guests could enjoy the performance while networking with other participants. The after-event feedback on the quality of visuals and sound was most favorable.

Many participants joined the virtual event with original videos of their own. These videos were very diverse in terms of style, content, and messaging. The topic of focus was finding one’s own place when a war is raging in your country.

The Results

Let’s add some numbers to this beautiful story.

The metaverse launch took place on May 19, with 200+ unique visitors to the metaverse recorded.
70 pieces of art depicting the bravery of the Ukrainians in their fight for freedom were initially scheduled for auction.

23 pieces were sold. More than $25K was raised through this virtual auction and 100% of the funds were then directed to medical aid funds and charity organizations.

Auctioning one-third of the initial NFT stock might not sound that impressive at first. But note that this was the very first auction in a row of charitable events planned by the MetaHistory team. 

Upcoming virtual events in metaverse will also be hosted by Party.Space, with more art added to the NFT stock as well as the attendance of international guests. Among them will be those who aren’t willing to remain indifferent to the events taking place in Ukraine.

Did you visit this Party.Space event or other metaverse events in 2022? Feel free to write a review of Party.Space on G2 by following this link

Once you write a review, G2 will donate to Razom for Ukraine, a Ukrainian non-profit organization.

Published Sep 26, 2022

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