Metaverse and its real business value by Berkeley at Party.Space

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Metaverse and its real business value by Berkeley at Party.Space

On January 26, the Women’s Initiative Foundation, in conjunction with the UC Berkeley Institute for Business Innovation, held a master class as part of the IBI Leadership Master Classes, where experts shared their views on the future of leadership.

The program consisted of 7 master classes, each aimed at revealing more about the technologies and tools of the future and showing their practical implications. One of them was devoted to the metaverse and its importance for business today. The format included a presentation and a Q&A session. Due to ongoing circumstances, the ideal place for holding this event was of course, in the metaverse.

The Challenge

The goal of the event was to engage a large audience that is interested in understanding the concrete solutions for harnessing the new levers of competitiveness. To reach the right amount of engagement, it was necessary to involve participants in the topic through a Q&A session and networking in groups.
That’s why the Party.Space team was tasked with ensuring that the metaverse and the technologies used for the event are no longer promised to arrive in the future but instead were readily available in the present.

Guests had to have freedom of movement and the opportunity to test the virtual platform. But at the same time, it should not be possible to miss any important information from the speaker.

The challenge was to hold the participants’ attention and give them a break because several sections to get through were part of the event’s agenda.

Finally, we had to provide networking for everyone who wanted to discuss the material and the program.

The Solution

Party.Space organized the event in a loft-style virtual space.

Traditionally, the logotypes of the organizers and their brand colors were present in the hall, but there were other design features. The most exciting thing was the unique drawings created by artificial intelligence displayed on the walls around space.

Participants could also find a separate “Poem room” where AI created rhymes for the occasion. It allowed the guests to become more familiar with the development of modern technologies.

Together with the organizer and moderator of the master class, Gauthier Vasseur, Executive Director of the Fisher Center for Business Analytics Founder & Co-President of the Berkeley Alliance for Inclusive AI Progam Curator, decided to divide the presentation into parts, holding mini Q&A sessions in between, which made the meeting more dynamic.

There were several spots such as a bar where visitors could rest after each presentation and chat with other attendees.

The Result

Once the event kicked off, visitors only needed a few minutes to get to know the space and its features. After Gauthier Vasseur’s introductory speech, the main part of the master class began.

About 100 guests listened to the presentation “The Metaverse and its real business value” by Vivek Nair – NSF CyberCorps Scholar, NPSC Fellow & Ph.D. student Berkeley.

Guests actively participated in the communication and asked different questions in the general chat. Breaks in the presentation for the speaker to communicate with the listeners and answer questions added more engagement, and the level of involvement was relatively high.

The participants supported Vivek with emojis, making the atmosphere a bit more informal, and everyone felt comfortable.

During and after the presentation, everyone in the hall, both at separate tables and at the bar was engaged in networking and discussing the material at hand.

Everyone concluded that the metaverse came on so stormy and loud in our lives and that so many progressive businesses and their leaders should catch up and understand its applications, opportunities, limitations, and how it actually works in practice.

Party.Space took these factors into consideration during the design phase. That’s why we launched a new product, Townhall Space – a metaverse solution that allows you to organize town halls, general meetings, team building, conferences, and more, in an immersive virtual 3D environment.

Contact the Townhall Space team for more information on corporate event opportunities in the metaverse by following this link.

Published Feb 20, 2023

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