Golden Kitty Awards Afterparty at Doge Temple | Product Hunt

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Golden Kitty Awards Afterparty at Doge Temple | Product Hunt

Product Hunt community is product-loving enthusiasts, founders, and tech geeks. The platform helps to check out the best new products and build a user base around the tech products they develop. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and has helped to ease the product launch for hundreds of enthusiasts. When a company achieves a successful launch on Product Hunt, they are often rewarded with a high number of customers and subscribers. 

On January 27th, Product Hunt held its annual celebration of makers, innovative products, and the tech community. Only the best products launched on Product Hunt are eligible for the Golden Kitty Awards. There were 13,800 nominations based on user votes this year. After the official ceremony, it was high time to hold a virtual party. 

Doge Temple
 hosted the Golden Kitty Awards afterparty to celebrate all the amazing products, makers & community members from Product Hunt. Thanks to the metaverse and technologies everyone can attend such loud industry events like this. Here’s short story how it was.

The Challenge 

The Golden Kitty Awards is a global event that gathers startup founders, product-loving enthusiasts, and tech geeks from all over the world to decide on the best software products of the year. Due to the global lockdowns, safely gathering visitors under one roof was not possible. That’s why Product Hunt switched to an online virtual format for 2021. 

This had the effect of making the event accessible to anyone interested in the advancement of software, regardless of their location. Traditional means of online communication like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet weren’t going to be enough for hosting a virtual party of this scale. Product Hunt needed a solution capable of boosting informal communications and integrating all the meme culture of the tech and startup community. The main task was to have fun with Product Hunt community around the world at the Golden Kitty Awards afterparty.

The Solution 

The Golden Kitty Awards afterparty was in a virtual space, where you could see some of Product Hunt’s attributes on the walls, clickable posters and 3D objects, including amazing 3D Golden Kitty. There was a great surprise – Doge PleasrDAO furnished the Doge Temple with an original “Doge” meme exclusively for the afterparty guests. Yes, this one is the most expensive Meme NFT Sold at $4M. The main hall was the central location that showcased the 3D Golden Kitty award.

The virtual party consisted of several activities, including the tech quiz with prizes, rap improv, a performance by a stand-up comedian, and other short games which you can play in teams at the table. 

Thanks to 3D technologies, a virtual celebration at Party.Space looks and feels like a real club party. Throwing a virtual party is like playing a 3D video game. Participants can move through the party space as video game heroes. Each guest could set the avatar, move around the room, sit at different tables and enjoy small talk with other guests and even… barked at some guests like a doge.

The Results 

Everyone who attended our virtual afterparty was engaged by the style and tech inside the platform. We received excellent feedback from both the Product Hunt team and the audience. 

The total number of guests was more than 100, including founders, and venture investors. The attendees were delighted with the virtual celebration that allowed them to recapture feelings of partying in the pre-pandemic days. Considering the feedback and the event’s atmosphere, the Golden Kitty Afterparty was a great experience for all of the virtual space guests. 

Published Apr 6, 2022

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