300 Wargaming Employees Celebrated the 7th Anniversary of their Studio’s Office in a 3D Virtual Space

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300 Wargaming Employees Celebrated the 7th Anniversary of their Studio’s Office in a 3D Virtual Space

Wargaming is an award-winning online game developer and publisher — a leader in the free-to-play MMO market. The company delivers authentic gaming experiences and services across PC, console, and mobile platforms. 

The company operates across more than 20 offices globally. Wargaming is world-famous for its military-themed team-based games World of Tanks, World of Warships, and World of Warplanes.

The Challenge

July 9 was the annual date for Wargaming’s Blitz studio to celebrate its 7th anniversary. With the current state of Covid-19, there weren’t many options for hosting a great team celebration. 

After looking at the possible solutions for virtual events, the Wargaming team settled on Party.Space.

“First of all, we were attracted by the unique 3D space, which is nothing like ordinary video conferences. By occupation, we are constantly building interactive worlds. That’s why it seemed cool how real events are transferred, in fact, into the virtual world”.

– says Max Grachev, Senior Event Manager at Wargaming. 

After a couple of calls and demonstrations for Wargaming, Party.Space came up with a plan for their studio’s celebration. 

It was critical for Wargaming to have an experience that met the following requirements:

  • Uninterrupted connection for three hundred people online
  • Easy onboarding for the event, including a quick login with working credentials that don’t require registration
  • They go with the standard template of a 3D space, but it has to be custom branded
  • Participants are supposed to have access to several activities at the same time

The solution

We used Party.Space’s regular space for the event. It includes a reception area, the main concert hall, and several rooms for themed events. The entire area was branded in Wargaming’s color and company logos. 

Each participant could take part in the following activities:

Main Hall.
 Most of the attendees gathered here to watch and discuss the speeches of top management and speak for themselves. In the center of the hall, there is a large stage on which the speakers are broadcasted. The rest of the teammates remained in the hall, talking to each other and watching the broadcast. As in real life, the closer you are to the sound source (person), the better you hear it, and vice versa.

Music quiz.
 Participants gathered in a separate room, where they could guess the name of songs. A successful guess earned the participant’s team points. The winners received some valuable prizes.

“Who am I?” game room. 
We set aside a separate room for this popular game. We think there is no point in explaining the rules here. All we have to say about this is that during the entire event, this room was never empty.

DJ set.
 A full-fledged DJ performance was held in a separate hall. After playing the set, he responded to the audience’s requests, putting on different music at will.

The Results

On July 9, 2021, 212 teammates entered the virtual space to celebrate the anniversary of their office. The event lasted for four hours and the average session length among all the attendees was more than two hours.

The participants were very positive about what was happening. Frankly, they did not expect an event with this level of immersion to be possible online at all. 

“Many were frankly surprised by the implementation of the event. After Zoom and Spatial Chat, Party.Space looked as unusual as possible and at the same time, close to reality. Separately, we note the excellent technical implementation. During the entire event, not a single participant experienced any problems. We recommend Party.Space for every team who misses real corporate parties!”

– Max Grachev adds. 

Published Sep 27, 2021

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