How to access the metaverse & how to use it for your community?

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How to access the metaverse & how to use it for your community?

Due to its common association with futuristic and science-fiction scenarios, the metaverse concept is often dismissed from conversations about building and maintaining an online community. But current technological developments, such as virtual reality and blockchain, are progressing the concept toward a realistic solution.

Still, the question persists, “what is the metaverse and how does it work?” The term “metaverse” describes a virtual world or space created by combining both physical and virtual realities. It refers to a shared immersive and interactive space. It is where users can engage in activities, experiences, and environments that blur the line between the physical and digital worlds.

Recent years have seen significant advancements in metaverse development. New technologies enable the creation of more immersive and interactive virtual spaces and new business models around virtual ownership and commerce.

A metaverse is suitable for anyone interested in exploring new forms of human interaction and expression in virtual worlds.

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What is a metaverse?

A metaverse is a virtual world that is parallel to our physical reality. In a metaverse, users interact with each other, virtual objects, and environments using avatars — digital representations of themselves.
These avatars can perform various actions, such as participating in games and social events, buying and selling virtual goods, and exploring virtual environments.

The list of available activities in a metaverse is extensive and depends on the platform used, but here are some examples of what you can do:

  1. Gaming. Many metaverse platforms offer gaming experiences, from simple arcade-style games to complex multiplayer games with rich storylines.
  2. Socializing. People can connect socialize, and interact in new ways with each other, such as through virtual meetups, parties, and events.
  3. Creating content. Some platforms allow users to create virtual environments, objects, and other content. This can include anything from building houses and landscapes to creating animations and special effects.
  4. Creating art and culture. A metaverse offers new opportunities for artists and musicians to showcase their work and connect with audiences in new ways – virtual concerts, exhibitions, and galleries.
  5. Business and commerce. Some platforms offer opportunities for businesses to reach customers and conduct marketing such as virtual stores and marketplaces.
  6. Education and training. It provides a new platform for education and training, offering opportunities for immersive learning experiences ranging from interactive simulations to virtual classrooms.

The metaverse concept is still in development, and no unified metaverse exists. For this reason, the appearance of microverses emerged. Microverses are small, self-contained virtual worlds within a larger metaverse.

Unlike a metaverse (a single shared virtual space that encompasses many smaller virtual environments), microverses are separate and distinct environments that individual users or groups can create.

How to access a metaverse?

Accessing a metaverse varies depending on your specific platform and hardware. However, most metaverse platforms are designed to be user-friendly, with simple sign-up and login processes and intuitive interfaces. So it’s easy to figure out how to get on metaverse.

how to get on the metaverse

There are several ways to log into the metaverse:

  • Virtual Reality (VR) Hardware. Some metaverse platforms require the use of VR hardware, such as a VR headset or gloves, for a more immersive and interactive experience.
  • Non-VR devices. This platform is accessible through a computer or mobile device without requiring VR hardware.
  • Web-based interfaces. These types of metaverses are accessible through a web browser, allowing users to participate in a virtual environment without requiring additional software or hardware.
  • Mobile apps. These spaces are designed for mobile devices that allow users to participate in a virtual environment on the go.
  • Hybrid approaches. With a combination of VR and non-VR interfaces, users can switch between VR and non-VR modes to enter these metaverses.
metaverse how to access

So, how to get into the metaverse? Well, that depends on your preferred platform and user preferences, such as the level of immersion and interaction, the device you’ll be using, and your goals in the virtual environment.

How to use metaverse for your community?

There are many different ways to harness the power of a metaverse for your community. For example, you are planning a corporate event, but all your employees work in different parts of the world. Holding an in-person party at the company’s main office isn’t an option. Thus, you can use an online party platform and throw one of the best metaverse events in 2023.

Metaverse-style experiences can reduce the feelings of isolation and disconnectedness generated by videoconferencing tools. These experiences can also help employees and companies resolve a wider range of problems using environments that mimic real-life events like:

  • annual corporate celebrations,
  • conferences, 
  • anniversaries, 
  • company meetings, 
  • product launches,
  • team buildings,
  • concerts,
  • and other events.
metaverse how to use

There are only so many events you cannot turn into an online experience. Party.Space can create a virtual party room for any event. Companies can brand their virtual space, create custom avatars, enjoy life-like chatting, play games, get into the groove with live concerts, and participate in different activities.
Here’s how we helped companies leverage the power of virtual party rooms and breathe new life into their remote teams using virtual experiences:

Metaverse Community

A metaverse community is a group of users participating in a shared virtual environment within a virtual space. It can include individuals who create and build virtual environments, develop and trade virtual assets, and engage in social and gaming activities within a metaverse.

A community metaverse also encompasses the developers, designers, and entrepreneurs working on creating and improving the underlying technology that powers a metaverse. They are often passionate about the potential of a metaverse to establish new forms of human connection and expression.

The list of metaverse communities is exhaustive and different. Some examples include:

  • Gaming communities. Some metaverse platforms strongly focus on gaming, with virtual environments and games designed for users to play and compete with one another.
  • Social communities. Other virtual spaces emphasize social interactions and building relationships, with a metaverse intended for users to meet and socialize with one another.
  • Creator communities. With a focus on content creation, users are encouraged to build and share their virtual environments and experiences.
  • Commerce communities. For this group, commerce and business are in the spotlight, and the focus is on allowing users to conduct transactions and trade goods and services within a virtual environment.

A sense of community in the metaverse is an essential aspect of any metaverse experience. This is because it provides users with a sense of belonging and social connection to a virtual environment. These communities can also offer opportunities for collaboration, learning, and growth.

Golden Kitty Awards Afterparty at Doge Temple

how to get in metaverse
Original “Doge” meme backed by PleasrDAO

Product Hunt is a community of product enthusiasts, tech geeks, and startup founders. The platform boasts new products and brings together a community of fans around the best products, services, and technologies. When Doge Temple got listed on Product Hunt, the team was encouraged to give it a try. Doge Temple is a microverse created by Party.Space centered around Dogecoins.

The traditional means of videoconferencing, like Zoom and Skype, weren’t enough to create an atmosphere with a life-like presence for attendees located in different regions. So here’s what we made for Product Hunt:

  • A virtual event for participants from all over the world
  • A custom virtual space with Product Hunt’s attributes like a 3D Golden Kitty, the original “Doge” meme, clickable posters, and other 3D objects.
  • Easy onboarding for guests
  • Access to several activities centered around team building

The Golden Kitty Awards afterparty hosted by Party. Space resembled the atmosphere of a real nightclub, where participants could move around the space, sit at different tables, and participate in various activities in their own microverse.

Crypto Cossacks Club: NFT community Event in the Metaspace

getting into the metaverse

CryptoCossacks Club is the first Ukrainian NFT community that allows members to claim Cossack Avatars and support Ukraine. The main goal of the community is to promote, perpetuate, and tokenize Ukrainian culture.

CryptoCossacks Club chose Party. Space for their first virtual presentation. The virtual event’s objective was to raise awareness around the CryptoCossacks Club’s NFT Community and boost their NFT sales. Party. Space was tasked with combining both a community presentation and promoting NFT sales.

While visiting CryptoCossacks Club’s event in the metaverse, attendants were able to:

  • enjoy boundless communication
  • learn about Ukrainian culture
  • fully immerse themselves in the virtual event
  • invest in NFTs and donate to support Ukraine
  • facilitate the growth of the NFT community

Treasure Hunt for Moon Rabbit 

Moon Rabbit is a decentralized crypto network known for creating the first Metachain. This system unites distributed protocols and blockchains for data and asset transfers. While pioneering the crypto world, the company was looking for a unique virtual experience, and hosting a virtual party in its own microverse seemed like a great way to celebrate its success.
Moon Rabbit needed something out of the ordinary, a regular virtual party wasn’t enough to deliver a completely new experience. After holding several meetings, we worked out a unique party idea that consisted of the following:

  • a digital arena where guests could chat, share their ideas, and have a fun time
  • a bunny-themed virtual party room with neon signs and lounge vibes
  • a live chat with the Rabbit General
  • DJ sets and a live entertainment program for night-life vibes
  • a Treasure Hunt game for team-building

With Party.Space, Moon Rabbit got a completely next-level experience for their virtual event. Moon Rabbit’s guests bombarded their social networks with positive feedback. Treasure Hunt ended up being a resounding success for Moon Rabbit and Party.Space.

Accessing the metaverse: a summary

Creating your own microverse for online team parties isn’t some science fiction of the future. Corporate celebrations, anniversaries, product launch parties, and others are now a worldwide next-level virtual experience for teams.

With Party.Space, you can create your own microverse centered around your ideas and custom-tailored to your needs. Immerse yourself and team members in your custom virtual party world with Party.Space and shock your guests with a genuinely next-level online event.


Can you access a metaverse without VR?

Yes, it is possible to access a metaverse without VR. You can enter one by using desktop applications, web browsers, or mobile apps. All you need is a laptop or mobile device with internet access.

Are there any metaverses open to the public?

The availability of different metaverses to the public depends on the specifics of a platform. Some are open to the public and do not require special qualifications or membership. Other platforms may have more restrictive access policies, requiring users to meet specific criteria or pay a fee to participate.

How to get into a metaverse?

Anyone looking for how to get to the metaverse should research the specific platform and user preferences they have in mind. This includes the level of immersion and interaction, the preferred device used, and their goals for the virtual environment.

How do you use a metaverse?

The use of a metaverse depends on the specific platform and the user’s goals. Some common ways to use a metaverse include gaming, socialization, education and training, business and commerce, and content creation.

Published Jan 22, 2023

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