What is the metaverse and how to use it for your community?

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What is the metaverse and how to use it for your community?
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2021 was the dawn of the metaverse. Since Mark Zuckenberg first mentioned the notion, the interest in creating metaverses has spiked. The metaverse is the next big tech platform attracting online entrepreneurs, developers, and other technology leaders looking to jump on the bandwagon and capture a slice of the new emerging market. According to Bloomberg Intelligence, the metaverse market could reach $800 billion in value by 2024.

The metaverse is a combination of the digital and physical worlds. It allows users to work, meet, play games, attend live events, throw virtual parties, and socialize in 3D virtual spaces. Despite its ever-growing popularity, the concept of the metaverse isn’t final or shrouded by mystery. Let’s dive into the metaverse to find out how you can use it for your community. 

What is a metaverse?

A metaverse is a form of virtual reality designed with the help of 3D, VR, and AR technologies where people can simulate their real-life experiences and interact with each other. The metaverse connects the financial, virtual, and physical worlds. It’s a hybrid of social media, personal life, work, and entertainment. 

A few years ago, the idea was pure fiction. Now it looks like it could become a reality in the near future. The metaverse is driven by AR where every user controls a character or avatar. For example, there are communities inside the metaverse where you can work, play blockchain-based games, and then manage your crypto finances without leaving the metaverse. 

Since the metaverse is still evolving, some of its features are still unavailable. In 2022, there is still no united metaverse. Instead, there are some microverses. It’s a virtual platform created by different communities where its members can socialize and have fun. Each community can start building its own microverse and then get it connected with a decentralized network to build a Metaverse. 

How to use the metaverse for your community?

There are dozens of ways you can harness the power of the metaverse for your community. For example, you are going to plan a corporate event, but all your employees are working in different parts of the world. Holding an offline party at the company’s main office isn’t an option. Thus, you can use an online party platform and throw one of the best metaverse events in 2022. 

Metaverse-style experiences can reduce the cognitive dissonance generated by videoconferencing tools and help employees and companies solve a wide range of collective problems in natural environments that mimic real-life events like:

  • annual corporate celebrations,
  • conferences, 
  • anniversaries, 
  • company meetings, 
  • product launches,
  • team buildings,
  • concerts,
  • and other events.

There is hardly any event that you cannot turn into an online experience. Party.Space can create a virtual party room for any event. Companies can brand their virtual space, create custom avatars, enjoy life-like chatting, play games, get the groove on with live concerts, and take part in different activities. Here’s how we helped companies leverage the power of virtual party rooms and breathe new life into their virtual experiences:

Golden Kitty Awards Afterparty at Doge Temple

Original “Doge” meme backed by PleasrDAO

Product Hunt is a community of product enthusiasts, tech geeks, and startup founders. The platform gives a boost to new products and helps build a community of fans around the best products, services, and technologies. When Doge Temple got listed on Product Hunt, the team was encouraged to give it a try. Doge Temple is a microverse created by Party.Space centered around Dogecoins. 

The traditional means of videoconferencing, like Zoom and Skype, weren’t enough for creating an atmosphere with a life-like presence for attendees from all over the world. So here’s what we created for Product Hunt and PleasrDAO community:

  • A virtual event for participants from all over the world
  • A custom virtual space furnished with Product Hunt’s attributes like a 3D Golden Kitty, original “Doge” meme, clickable posters, and other 3D objects. 
  • Easy onboarding for guests
  • Access to several activities at the same time

The Golden Kitty Awards afterparty hosted by Party.Space resembled the atmosphere of a real nightclub, where participants could move around the space, sit at different tables, and take part in various activities in their own microverse. 

Crypto Cossacks Club: NFT community Event in the Metaspace

CryptoCossacks Club is the first Ukrainian NFT community that allows members to claim Cossack Avatars and support Ukraine. The main goal of the community is to promote, perpetuate, and tokenize Ukrainian culture.

CryptoCossacks Club chose Party.Space for their first virtual presentation. The virtual event’s objective was to tell the world about the CryptoCossacks Club’s NFT Community and boost their NFT sales. Party.Space was tasked with combining both a community presentation and promoting NFT sales. 

While visiting the live CryptoCossacks Club’s event in the metaverse, attendants were able to:

  • enjoy boundless communication, 
  • learn more about the Ukrainian culture,
  • fully immerse themselves in the virtual event, 
  • invest in NFTs and donate to support Ukraine, 
  • facilitate the further growth of the NFT community.

Treasure Hunt for Moon Rabbit 

Moon Rabbit is a decentralized crypto network known for creating the first Metachain in the world. This system can unite distributed protocols and blockchains for data and asset transferring. While pioneering the crypto world, the company was looking for a unique virtual experience and hosting a virtual party in their own microverse seemed like a great way to celebrate the company’s success. 

Moon Rabbit needed something out of the ordinary, a regular virtual party wasn’t enough to deliver a completely new experience. After holding several meetings, we worked out a unique party idea that consisted of:

  • a digital arena where guests could chat, share their emotions, and have a fun time,
  • a bunny-themed virtual party room with neon signs and lounge vibes, 
  • a live chat with Rabbit General, 
  • DJ sets and a live entertainment program for night-life vibes, 
  • a Treasure Hunt game for team-building and empowerment.

With Party.Space, Moon Rabbit got a completely next-level experience for their virtual event. Moon Rabbit’s guests bombarded their social networks with positive feedback. Treasure Hunt ended up being a resounding success for Moon Rabbit and Party.Space. 

Summing up

Creating your own microverse for online team parties isn’t a thing of the future. Corporate celebrations, anniversaries, product launch parties, and others are now a next-level virtual experience for teams all over the world.

With Party.Space, you can create your own microverse that is centered around your ideas and custom-tailored to your needs. Immerse yourself and team members in your custom virtual party world with Party.Space and shock your guests with a truly next-level online event. 

Published Apr 30, 2022

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