What is a Metaverse Party and How to Make it Fun

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What is a Metaverse Party and How to Make it Fun
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Just a few months before Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of a new 3D metaverse, nobody knew anything about it. But the notion of the metaverse can be traced back to 1992 to the science fiction novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson.

In 2000, a prototype of a 3D browser was designed by Danny Stefanic. It was the first metaverse platform where people could meet each other and socialize. But the popularity of the metaverse concept started taking off when Facebook announced its plans to launch a virtual world.

Metaverse spaces and the metaverse are set to become an integral part of our future. Meanwhile, they are already used for online meetings and metaverse celebrations. Here’s how you can host a metaverse party.

What is the metaverse

The idea of the metaverse is simple. It’s a virtual platform powered by VR and AR technologies that allow for full immersion into a virtual landscape. It’s the next evolution of social networks. Users can interact with other immersed people and perform nearly any action they can in real life. The primary goal of the metaverse is to let people feel present no matter how far apart they are.

Though the metaverse concept is still evolving, it’s getting adopted by many companies while providing undeniable benefits, including:

  • Feel of personal presence.
    The metaverse can bring together people from all over the world and allow them to both communicate and interact no matter how many miles away they are.
  • Next-level business meetings.
    Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the business world has been changing its format of work, its structure, and methods of communication. With the launch of the metaverse world, there will be no need for building brick-and-mortar offices. In 2022, metaverse event platforms like Party.Space offer next-level business online communication with the real presence of avatars, heated discussions, and brainstorming sessions.
  • More entertaiment value.
    Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams are great for daily business communication. However, when speaking about metaverse parties, they cannot create a life-like experience for their users.

The metaverse allows for hosting virtual events like parties, online product launches, corporate celebrations, and team-building events. Thanks to 3D technologies, visiting a metaverse party in the metaverse is like playing a game where you can meet people, navigate through the metaverse party space, take part in different discussions, and experience true immersion.

What is a metaverse event

A metaverse event is a way to host an event in the virtual world without requiring the physical presence of guests. Instead, people can meet online via particular platforms, apps, and devices regardless of their geographical location.

Hosting events in metaverse is similar to organizing an offline event. The only thing that’s missing is the event venue and the guests on-site. Online webinars, on-demand workout classes via Zoom, or a meeting using Microsoft Teams are all virtual events. Anything that you’ve attended from the comfort of your home can be referred to as a virtual event.

There are no limits on what events can be organized and hosted in the metaverse, from regular company retrospective meetings to birthday parties. It’s a future that has already arrived. At Party.Space, we can organize a metaverse event for any occasion, including:

Epidemic Sound’s annual Spring Bash celebration

Epidemic Sound is a global music company headquartered in Stockholm. The company empowers the creativity of modern creators and allows for elevating their content with world-class music and sound effects. Epidemic Sound allows young musicians to monetize their content.

In 2021, Epidemic Sound achieved unicorn status with a billion-dollar capitalization. The organization gathered employees from 6 offices to celebrate the success together. Since Epidemic Sound has employees working from all over the world, the company decided to leverage Party.Space and throw a metaverse party.

Here’s how we organized the Spring Bash celebration for Epidemic Sound:

  • the main hall for the CEO’s presentation and DJ performances,
  • room with gifts for every employee,
  • Music Quiz room for team building,
  • Small Talk Big Ideas room for discussing the most important social incidents and ideas.

The virtual space was custom-designed to reflect the company’s culture and atmosphere. The unicorn figure was a central element of the main hall room that blushed with rainbow colors whenever someone won a prize. The event was received as a smashing success with the total number of attendees amounting to 375 and 4 hours of session time.

Movie Watch Party in the metaverse hosted by Surfing.com

The first-ever Surf Movie Watch Party in the metaverse was hosted by Surfing.com. The mission of Surfing.com is to be the authority in everything surfing – entertainment, news and information, travel, health and nutrition, coaching and education, gear and product reviews, events, innovation, technology, and anything else important in surfing.

Together with partners, Surfing.com made an incredible metaverse party watching a “Bustin’ Down the Door” movie with NFT launch of super cool sharks.

You could come up and take a closer look at NFTs in the Metaverse

Here’s how Party.Space brought Surfing.com metaverse party to the next level:

  • hassle-free login and uninterrupted connection,
  • custom-branded 3D virtual space,
  • NFT collection launch opportunity,
  • easy to use metaverse event platform.

With Party.Space, Surfing.com community threw a next-gen metaverse party where every participant could watch and discuss the speeches like in real-life, watch movie, buy NFTs, and enjoy life-like party vibes.

What do you get with a metaverse subscription

Now you can organize and host metaverse parties in your own metaverse. Party.Space can create a custom metaverse up to your company’s needs for a long time usage. A subscription can solve many problems that a company may face:

  • you have many events throughout the year, both corporate and community meetings. You can create events quickly already on a proven platform without time delays, for example, in signing documents every time,
  • you want to change the format of 1-to-1 meetings with employees in a casual setting. Meeting in the metaverse can affect employees’ level of relaxation and trust, given the significant differences from Zoom meetings.
  • you need to make the onboarding process more fun for the new employee. Even conducting an interview in the metaverse can impress a candidate. In the eyes of the applicant, you will be an innovative company that follows modern trends. And the onboarding process itself can become even more educational for the employer by adding a variety of activities.

For the community, the metaverse subscription format is the best option. You can create your own microverse, a custom-made world around existing communities, trends, and ideas with a clear purpose. The presence of such a microverse can help both expand the community, attract more attention to itself, and entertain the current community members with activities within the microverse.

In a nutshell, benefits of a subscription format of the metaverse:

  • 24/7 availability,
  • all types of metaverse events from happy hours to company anniversaries,
  • fully independent from the delivery team,
  • next-level metaverse experience,
  • dedicated support.

Summing up

Hosting online celebrations in the metaverse is no longer fiction. Conferences, product launches, anniversaries, and many more offline events are easily hosted in the metaverse.

Make your online events more engaging with Party.Space. Book your free demo to discover the full potential of the metaverse for your virtual events.

Have you visited our metaverse party recently? Feel free to write a review of Party.Space on G2 using the link and G2 will donate to Razom for Ukraine, a Ukrainian non-profit organization.

Published May 31, 2022

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