Virtual Trivia Party Ideas and Games to Play Online in 2023

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Virtual Trivia Party Ideas and Games to Play Online in 2023

Virtual trivia is a specific type of game played online where the competitors are asked a variety of different questions across any number of subjects. Guessing the answers and learning lots of random new facts when guessing incorrectly is guaranteed fun for everyone. A virtual trivia game is like a quiz with easy facts and questions, which you can play in the metaverse.

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What do you get when playing group trivia games? 

  • dopamine release and a sense of pleasure, 
  • safe and pandemic-friendly fun for virtual team building in the metaverse,
  • unmatched flexibility,
  • funtime with your friends or colleagues,
  • lots of new facts and information. 

Are you looking for metaverse team-building activities that will make your event a success? We’ve got you covered! Today, we’re going to shed more light on how to organize and host virtual trivia nights in metaverse. 

How to Do a Virtual Trivia Night Party?

The metaverse party can serve as an ideal icebreaker to bring new teammates together and strengthen the bonds of a team. A virtual trivia night party in metaverse can be organized using any number of methods. You can take advantage of Zoom, Google Meets, Skype, or MS Teams to host a trivia game night. Or you can check out more advanced platforms for metaverse celebrations in 2023. 

With Party.Space, your team building in metaverse won’t look or feel like your daily morning meetings in Zoom. Revolutionizing the world of metaverse virtual events, Party.Space brings the good old days back while staying remote. It’s like a convenient virtual space where you can interact with any quest, sip cocktails, and listen to DJ sets. Here’s what a metaverse party looks like with Party.Space.

Steps to take when organizing interactive trivia games:

  • choose your software, 
  • pick a theme and question categories, 
  • split your team into groups, 
  • start your quiz, 
  • award the winners. 

Top 4 Free Online Trivia Games

Playing trivia games online is even easier than offline. All you need to do is pick one of the available trivia platforms and get your virtual party rolling! We’ve picked the best online trivia platforms for you:

  1. Random Trivia Generator
    It’s a free platform for playing online trivia games and fighting  in fierce quiz battles. There are six categories to choose from, so you will find a topic for everyone. The platform is regularly updated to keep up with the times and extend their question base. Don’t forget to keep score, while hosting and sharing Random Trivia Generator.
  2. QuizBreaker
    QuizBreaker offers unusual online trivia games for groups where the goal is to find out more about your teammates. Instead of the usual categories of questions, you need to guess who said what. This can kickstart your virtual corporate event and bring everyone closer together. 
  3. TriviaHub
    TriviaHub offers more than just a list of questions and a platform for a remote trivia game. The event will be hosted by a professional quizmaster who will guide the team through this virtual team-building activity. Choose a host and get your online group trivia started!
  4. Crowdpurr 
    Crowdpurr allows for creating free online trivia games. There are lots of topics to choose from and you can add your own questions. With Crowdpurr, you can even create multi-round trivia games with daily winners and a final game. Moreover, you can use images and GIFs for your questions. Thanks to a live leaderboard, you can easily keep score.

List of Virtual Trivia Questions for an Outstanding Team Party 

Here is a list of general questions with answers to use while organizing your next virtual trivia night in the metaverse:

  1. Where was Ludwig Van Beethoven born? A:  In Berlin
  2. What is “cynophobia”? A: Fear of dogs 
  3. What rock is the hardest? A: A diamond
  4. What animal is protected by law in Florida? A: A pig 
  5. Which ocean is the deepest? A: The Pacific Ocean 
  6. Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize? A: Marie Curie 
  7. What color turtleneck did Steve Jobs wear? A: Black 
  8. What is another name for Budweiser? A: “King of Beers”
  9. What is the only liquid metal? A: Mercury
  10. The Eiffel Tower wasn’t initially built for Paris. What city was it built for? A: Barcelona 
  11. What blood type serves as a universal one? A: o negative 
  12. Which sea separates Europe from Africa? A: The Mediterranean Sea 
  13. What is the capital of Australia? A: Canberra
  14. What is marzipan made of? A: Almonds 
  15. What vitamin can our skin produce under the sun? A: Vitamin D3 
  16. Where is Nepal? A: Asia 
  17. What is the saltiest body in the world? A: The Dead Sea 
  18. What are the traditional Wimbledon colors? A: Green and purple
  19. Where did Eminem grow up? A: In Detroit 
  20. What city can you find on every continent? A: Rome

Top 5 Virtual Trivia Ideas & Tips

Organizing group trivia games online for the first time can be quite a stressful experience. Here are some of the most popular trivia ideas that will make your virtual trivia night in metaverse a real success:

  • deliver some snacks and drinks to your teammates for a more pub-like atmosphere,
  • take advantage of jokes to lighten the mood and get people talking,
  • test out your tech, 
  • use a random team generator to split up your team, 
  • prepare prizes in advance. 

If you still have doubts about where to host your next online trivia game, sign up for a free Party.Space demo. We’re ready to help you organize and host events for teams of any size in the metaverse.

Published Mar 21, 2022

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