17 Not-dull Virtual Team Building Activities for Work in 2022

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17 Not-dull Virtual Team Building Activities for Work in 2022

We all have come to realize that corporate and virtual team-building events demand a different type of bonding experience for participants in metaverse. Over the past two years, we have managed to get used to and fall in love with online meetings, especially when it’s not a boring Zoom or buggy Slack video call. But what exactly is virtual team building, and is it possible to make it a fun and meaningful activity? 

So, what are the ingredients of a meaningful team-building experience? 

Virtual team building is an online event for teammates that is designed to bring a team together and strengthen the ties between colleagues. 

Over the past two years, virtual team building has become a taken-for-granted corporate practice. The reason for this is the growing trend of remote work and the coronavirus pandemic. 

Traditionally, many companies try to organize virtual team building using the same tools as for online conferences. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets — you’ve heard of these names. Party.Space offers a completely different approach to team parties and team building in the metaverse.

Imagine a computer game where you and your friends coexist in the same virtual world, playing as in-game characters. Party.Space offers you a similar gaming experience, only in a more businesslike way.

We create virtual spaces —  concert and event venues —  where every team member can enter and interact with each other in one interactive area. To give you a better idea of what this looks like, take a peek at the video below.

Top 17 Virtual Team Building Activities to Have Fun

While you consider how virtual team building in this format is suitable for you, let’s talk about what you can fill it with. Below, we list the most popular activities that our clients prefer to use with their metaverse events.

1. Tiny Campfire

One of the most popular activities for online parties is the Tiny Campfire. The goal of the activity is to create a friendly atmosphere. Imagine friends sitting around a campfire at night and telling each other exciting stories. For example, fairy tales, fables, ghost tales. After ten minutes of this type of communication, people tend to feel caught up in a unique type of cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

The exception of this activity is that the event itself is only 50% digital. You should send a small set of sweets to every meeting participant offline. The kit can also contain a small candle, marshmallows, cookies, and chocolate. What else is needed to sit nicely around the fire and fry marshmallows while listening to exciting stories?

2. Scavenger Hunt Activity 

The Virtual Scavenger Hunt is a virtual team-building game where players have to find the right items in their homes within a certain amount of time.

Before the virtual meeting, the organizer should make a list of items for the assignment. Considering the players, imagine what things they might have at their disposal. For instance, married couples’ household items are probably much different from what a single person has. 

You can limit the game to a single room in the participant’s apartments. Choose more specific things so that players can quickly find them. The quest is not only to find certain things. You can ask participants to take a selfie with a pet, make a sandwich, or do a handstand.

After listing all the things, award points for each assignment. Rare items and complicated tasks should be worth more points.

3. Pancakes vs. Waffles

The purpose of this team-building game is to get participants excited enough for a fun and interesting discussion. It all starts with a proposal for discussing which of the two, waffles or pancakes, will forever disappear from the face of the earth. Each team makes its case and then chooses which word to throw out and which to keep.

The responding team then invites others to make the same fateful choice with two other words that they can think of. The game can continue until you get bored, or preferably, spur very interesting and funny philosophical debates.

4. Catchphrase or Charades

Virtual Catchphrase is also known as Charades. This team-building activity is a family game, and it is popular among young people and adults. It is one of the best activities for team building to break the ice and take people out of their comfort zone.

Divide the group into teams. Decide on the theme of the game. The captain chooses the person who will act out the object or scene without using words. The team that guesses the word correctly gets a prize point. 

5. Funny Desert Island Scenario

Desert Island is another well-known game for a corporate event. It helps participants break the ice and get to know each other better. 

Before starting the game, divide people into teams and give them a list of materials, items, and tools to take with them to a desert island. After a brief discussion, the groups should read out their list of four essential items they would take and explain why they are needed.

The goal of the game is to choose the most ridiculous options and try to explain why they are needed. For example, take ice to the North Pole or a heater to the desert.

The team with the most original and funny justification wins.

6. Where Do You See Your Company In A Year?

This one can be a more serious activity for your corporate event in the metaverse. 

Start a conference call and create a shared board that everyone can access. Have each member write down three things that the company will achieve at the end of next year. After your teammates have written down their ideas, break their statements into topics. Then the discussion begins.

Do not forget to share the results on Slack or Teams for everyone to see. 

7. Once Upon a Time

Create a Google doc and start it with the words “Once upon a time there were…”. Come up with an exciting and funny beginning that is capable of capturing the attention of your conference’s participants.

Then, ask each member of the meeting to write 200-300 words (to continue the story). You can determine the number of words depending on the number of participants.

Players can introduce additional characters, write about different temporary events. When finished, try to discuss and guess the author of each particular episode. 

8. Ten Common Things

This virtual team-building activity forces people to break the ice quickly as it encourages them to talk about themselves as soon as things get started.

At first, you should divide everyone into small groups. Each teams’ task is to identify ten common things that unite them. The topic must be set in advance. For example, to determine what the participants have in common in musical tastes, entertainment, or food preferences. Players must look for common ground in topics that, at first glance, may have a few unifying factors.

When finished, have each group share their results. Then, compare the results of each team.

9. Did You Know?

We rarely get to know each other very deeply in our work environment. This game helps to get to know colleagues better. This corporate activity contributes to the overall team-building spirit of your virtual event.

In this game, each person must write two facts about themselves. The first fact should be about their work activity. The second fact should be an exciting or funny story about themselves.

At the beginning of the game, share a Google doc with the participants to share the facts. Make sure that players access the document in incognito mode.

After everyone has written facts about themselves, every participant should guess who wrote each fact. 

10. Heads Up

This virtual activity is widely known as it’s one of the most popular offline games to play with friends.

Each player places a card on their forehead without looking at what is pictured on the card. The rest of the players give hints. If a person does not guess what is on the card or gives a wrong answer within two minutes, the other player takes their turn. 

Whoever gives the most correct answers in two minutes wins.

11. Two Truths and One Lie

This challenge is one of the most popular virtual team-building games. 

Before starting the game, give players time to write down three facts about themselves – one truthful fact and two fictional facts. Try not to use actual facts about your work and instead provide more context to your life outside the workplace.

Then, a player reads the three facts about themselves and the participants take turns guessing what is false or true. The winner is the one who gave more correct answers about their teammates. 

16. Chubby Bunny

This is a popular online game that helps your team relax and have fun.

Every participant should prepare a marshmallow in advance to participate in this game. Players take turns putting one marshmallow in their mouths and saying the phrase “Chubby Bunny.” Participants who slurred the phrase are eliminated.

The winner is the one who puts the most marshmallows in their mouth while properly pronouncing the phrase “Chubby Bunny.” 

17. Guess the Emoji Board

This activity is one of the fastest virtual team-building games. Participants need to guess what emoji other participants are using.

First, hand out a list of every participant and emoticons available in the competition. Players must guess the five emojis used by other players most often. Participants take screenshots from their Slack profile or other messaging application and check the results.

Wrapping up

We sincerely hope that the list above was helpful and that you are able to choose a couple of suitable activities for your event in the metaverse. 

If you have not yet decided on a platform for your metaverse event or want to create a truly unique experience for your team, we invite you to try Party.Space. Our platform is easily customizable for branding a virtual space for your team. We’ll also guide you through the entire process of setting up the best team-building experience. 

Interested? Sign up for a free demo right now.

Published Jan 18, 2022

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