Virtual New Years Eve Party Ideas 2022 🎄 for a Metaverse New Year

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Virtual New Years Eve Party Ideas 2022 🎄 for a Metaverse New Year

The winter holidays are just around the corner, so it's time to start thinking about the kind of celebration you’ll host for your corporate team, family, and friends. During the pandemic, we got used to remote communication, so creating a New Years Zoom background to encourage party vibes isn’t going to cut it. If you still can’t get together with your close friends in person, that doesn't have to mean there will be no celebration.

Throwing a New Year's Eve Zoom party costs you a couple of clicks and saves a lot of time. But is it the most memorable and engaging way to bring people together for the holidays? Let's go through the positive and negative aspects of organizing a virtual New Year's Eve party.

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virtual new years eve party ideas 2022

New Years Eve Online Events: Pros and Cons

The novelty of hosting an online event has run its course. This format has been in common use by state media, from teleconferences and open speeches by political figures to entertainment and gaming twitch streamers, sports events, and many more.

Opinion leaders in social networks have also been using the online event format to successfully spread their messages and reach new audiences for a long time. And New Year’s Eve online is no exception.

Widespread usage of online solutions suggests that there have been various tools and proven methods for attracting and interacting with the audience for over a decade. The only thing that remains is adapting them to the needed segment and approving the formats’ classification.

This is the most significant difference between New Years Eve events online and offline: an understanding of classical formats and genres is only now emerging in the business segment of the event market. And this format presents a number of new opportunities.

Let’s see what kind of advantages it has to offer:

  1. The audience is not limited by the geographic location of the event — people from any corner of the world can participate.
  2. Easy entry for members. No need to go anywhere, look for parking, or spend hours in traffic jams. Just turn on the broadcast and participate.
  3. You choose your own convenient time and place. No need to depend on reserving a location, proximity to public transport, or the availability of parking.
  4. Online technologies allow us to erase the boundaries of the physical world. Even an ordinary studio with LED screens can place a speaker at any location, making it easier than ever to host a virtual New Years Eve party. Not to mention virtual reality technologies.
  5. Ready-made and flexible platforms for hosting online events provide a range of services for any taste or requirement, and they’re not limited by a New Year’s Eve Zoom background.

For sure, the main obstacle of online events is the lack of live communication and physical presence in real time, which means your virtual New Years Eve party may be at risk of becoming boring. This is where the metaverse comes into play.

Metaverse New Year’s Eve Parties as the New Normal

A metaverse is a new universe, a world in an online environment where people can communicate and work using virtual reality technologies.

A metaverse New Year 2022 would look like a virtual space that resembles a physical location featuring an interior that is modeled after the real world. This is a place where people can socialize, talk, play games, and have fun, just like they do at in-person New Years team building activities.

Scenarios, decorations, and the mood of your event depending on your requirements. The main advantage of throwing a Happy New Year metaverse party is that you can organize it from the comfort of your home or office.

For those who organize such events, a metaverse party is a treasure. It saves money on traveling, logistics, and all the hours needed to set up. Customization and accessibility are also at a much higher level than in real life while the process of organizing is exciting and interesting.

You can organize your own metaverse Happy New Year party using platforms specializing in this kind of event. Check out how Party.Space holds its own virtual events to get a clearer understanding of the advantages a metaverse has to offer, and maybe this will inspire you to host your own virtual New Years Eve party.

The Best Virtual New Year’s Eve Games

Whether you’ve decided to have a virtual New Years Eve party in Zoom, Google Meet, or take advantage of a metaverse New Year party, we’ve collected a list of games that you and your colleagues or friends can play remotely:

  • Resolution or a lie?
  • New Years online Pictionary
  • Virtual New Years Eve party bingo
  • Play Jackbox games
  • New Year virtual icebreaker games
  • Never have I ever
  • Secret Santa
  • New Year cocktails
  • Don’t forget the countdown

Let’s find out how to play all these games!

Resolution or a lie?

Making resolutions has become a tradition for many of us, but what about turning it into a fun activity? Each player has to share three resolutions, one of which is fake. Other participants have to guess which of the statements are the real resolutions and which one is a lie.

New Years online Pictionary

Use movie titles as a substitution for random names. Check out how it works:

  1. Gather a list of movie titles related to New Year’s Eve.
  2. Create teams by randomly sending participants to the team rooms.
  3. Send a movie title to one team member when it’s their turn.
  4. Every team member shares their screen turn by turn and tries to figure out the name of the movie.
  5. To make it more fun, set buzzers for right and wrong answers.

Virtual New Years Eve party bingo

Organize a bingo game while sticking to the New Year team. Prepare questions about what you and your team have done or stories that have happened to you.

Here are some examples of what you can create:

  1. Has been to the seaside at least 25 times
  2. Kissed someone they had just met
  3. Partied so hard on New Year’s Eve that they went to bed before the clock struck twelve
  4. Has a birthday on the same day as New Year
  5. Missed a flight on his/her own honeymoon
  6. Returned a birthday gift to the shop

The player who gets five boxes in a row first wins.

Play Jackbox games

A perfect virtual New Years Eve party solution for board games lovers, Jackbox offers different online entertainments. If you have a group of 3 to 8 people, you have straightforward and funny games at your disposal.

New Year virtual icebreaker games

A separate subtype of metaverse New Year quizzes is icebreaking quizzes. The goal is not an intellectual or creative competition but to get to know each other better. This works well for relatively big teams who lack communication due to remote work.

An example of team building for employees in this genre is the discovery game. The host asks participants questions one by one while the other participants try to guess how the current participant will answer. The quiz aims to ensure that employees get to know each other not only outside of work, get inspired by each other, and build closer informal ties.

Never have I ever

new years eve online events - Starbucks

This game easily takes its place among New Year games online and can be played in different ways. Participants take turns naming something they have never ever done in their lives. Other participants who have ever done the named action have to drink and share their stories.

You can prepare cards with ready-made actions. As an alternative to alcohol, there can be different tasks.

Examples of the ‘Never have I ever’ actions:

  • Never have I ever met flirted with a stranger at a bar.
  • Never have I ever been to Starbucks.
  • Never have I ever been to [country], and so on.

Secret Santa

new year's eve zoom background

This one needs preparation beforehand. Collect the names of all participants and put them into a randomizer. The randomizer will select a giftee for every person. This way, every person will be a Secret Santa for someone and receive a gift from someone else. The giftee mustn’t guess who their Secret Santa is.

However, you can make fun of it during your virtual party by playing guessing games or charades to find out. Keep in mind that the presents have to arrive before or on the day you’re planning the party.

New Year cocktails

zoom new years eve party ideas in metaverse

New Year virtual activities may involve both an online and offline component. For sure, you and your teammates are going to have a cocktail or two.

Take it up a notch and send cocktail/mocktail packages ahead of time so you can ask a mixologist to host a cocktail-making session on the day of the party. This is how you will add some real-life pleasures to your online event and turn it into engaging entertainment.

Don’t forget the countdown

new year team building activities virtual

It doesn’t matter if you’re preparing the New Year virtual activities for employees, your family, or friends, the symbolic countdown remains unchangeable. Make sure to include it in your program by (for example) watching a broadcast from the main square of your country.

How to Prepare for an Online New Year’s Eve Party

It’s easy to say but not easy to do. A virtual party sounds cool, but where to start? Here are some tips on how to prepare New Year’s Eve virtual events.

1. Set goals

Once you’ve decided on the focus of your party, other details will fall into place! If it’s a team-focused event, create a video that goes through the year’s achievements. Include photos of employees and reach out to people who might be interested in the presentation or speech.

2. Choose a theme

Choose an image and color scheme to be used throughout your group’s touchpoints, such as invitations, a registration page, background image, and the actual meeting environment itself, such as the user interface. Go one step further and add a personalized audio greeting and/or customizable music. Use an image of fireworks, a winter landscape, or snowflakes.

3. Create a structured agenda

Plan ahead to be well-prepared. Think about your New Years Eve online host. How many events will take place? Is food included? Make sure each session has a reasonable length to take breaks and encourage interaction. Use a spreadsheet to stay organized!

4. Select technology

Which video conferencing platform is easy to use, intuitive, and accessible through a browser without additional hardware or configuration? Choose something that also includes text chat, a gallery and presenter view, and an easy way to send and receive files using file and document sharing or a whiteboard.

If you choose a metaverse platform for your New Years online events, keep in mind that an important element for entering this universe will be equipment, which includes glasses and virtual reality helmets. Access to the metaverse is possible on all platforms: VR and AR, mobile devices, and PCs.

5. Send out invitations and reminders

A festive invitation is sure to spark people’s interest in attending your event. Send out email invitations that include all the information you need: time, date, registration page, meeting URL, etc. Also mention a dress code (if necessary): nice, semi-formal, or Christmas sweater style.

6. Create a holiday playlist

Ask your colleagues to share their favorite tunes and hymns by creating a Spotify list or adding them to a spreadsheet. Invite everyone to vote or enroll a lucky teammate as your holiday DJ.

7. Be creative!

The point is for everyone to feel involved and have fun, which requires creativity.

For example, you can host a dinner party, which means you need to come up with ways to make it look like a dinner party, but virtually. Send out a food package and hire a chef to introduce everyone to an easy step-by-step meal.

Or host a game party where your team will have multiple events. Remember that if you need something for the event, make sure you have the addresses on hand and that you send the necessary items on time.

8. Share memories after your event

Keep the conversation going by posting winners, sharing screenshots, and creating hashtags that peers can use for their stories about online new years eve events. Ask for comments and feedback on what you can do better next time.

More Ideas for New Year Virtual Team Building Activities

Here are some more ideas for virtual New Years Eve party. Check them out to get even more inspiration for your online celebration.

  • Organize a remote dance party.
  • Hire professional magicians or animators if there will be kids.
  • Create a video or a slide show with New Year’s resolutions and the best moments.
  • Make funny photos of you and your colleagues or friends using thematic masks. After the party, print them out and send them to the participants as nice souvenirs.
  • Prepare a toast with champagne when the clock strikes twelve.
  • Sing Christmas and New Year songs in virtual karaoke.
  • Play fortune-telling to find out what is waiting for you in the new year.


How do you celebrate the New Year virtually?

There are various services on the market that can help you to celebrate virtual New Years Eve events. You can use popular video conferencing solutions such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or have a Zoom New Years Eve. To make your experience more comprehensive, convenient, and look more like a real-life event, use platforms for creating metaverse events, such as Party.Space.

How do you throw a party on virtual New Year’s Eve?

The key advantage of a virtual New Years Eve party is that all your guests can participate from anywhere in the world. So, there are fewer problems in gathering as many people as possible in the same place. Usually, all you have to do is announce the day and time of your party and share a link with participants.

What are some good virtual New Years Eve party ideas?

Virtual New Years Eve party ideas depend on an event’s participants. When organizing an event’s activities, think about your audience’s interests and what would be the most fun for them. The range of possible activities is huge: playing virtual board games, interactive team games, singing karaoke, and many more.

How do you host a Zoom New Year’s Eve party?

Here are some Zoom New Years Eve party ideas. To create the mood for an upcoming party, set a thematic dress code and create a New Year’s background. Send participants invitations that notify them when the party will take place and the dress code they should follow. Prepare some online activities, and your virtual New Years Eve party will go off with a bang!

How do you host a virtual New Year’s Eve?

To make a New Years Eve online party, you’ll first need to choose a hosting platform. If you have a small company of people, video conferencing solutions will work well for your celebration. If you’re about to host a big corporate party, try metaverse platforms. After that, think about activities and decorations for entertaining guests. When you’ve finished organizing the event, don’t forget to announce the party and send invitations featuring convenient access links or guidelines for the participants.

Published Nov 18, 2022

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