Virtual Music Bingo: What Is It And How To Play

Virtual Music Bingo: What Is It And How To Play

Music Bingo is one of the most popular activities for virtual parties. Instead of balls, the Music Bingo game delivers songs and dabbling fun. The game is suitable for even big companies. There are hardly any limits on the number of people that can participate. 

Every participant gets a Music Bingo card with a list of the hottest tunes. When your guests get a full house of songs, they become winners and get BINGO! It’s a fantastic option for any type of virtual event like virtual team building, Christmas parties, birthday celebrations, stag and hen parties, and others.

What is Music Bingo?

Actually, Music Bingo isn’t just a trivia game. It has a long and entertaining history. The game was first introduced as a TV show on May 29, 1958, and aired for two years in black and white. The Music Bingo Show paved the way for Johnny Gilbert, originally a nightclub entertainer and signer. 

The rules were simple. Contestants listened to the song played, and when the song was stopped, they ran to the board and placed symbols. The first contestants needed to get five songs in a row to call for Bingo. 

Thanks to modern technologies, everything has gotten even easier. Your virtual guests won’t need to run to boards and place sharp or flat symbols. A laptop or smartphone with access to the internet is more than enough to have fun at a virtual Music Bingo party. 

Music Bingo is a great game for any occasion. It serves as an icebreaker to turbocharge your virtual party. Get your music ready, and it’s time for a party now!

How to play Music Bingo?

The game rules for virtual Music Bingo are the same as for a standard offline Bingo game. The vast majority of people know how to play it. If you have no idea, here are some basic rules for your virtual Music Bingo:

  1. A DJ plays 10-15 seconds of Bingo songs. It can be any song from disco to current hits. 
  2. The players recognize the song and mark it with a bingo chip.
  3. The DJ keeps playing songs until someone gets five chips in a row and calls out, “BINGO!”
  4. The other players can continue playing or clear their cards.

There is a lot to think about when throwing virtual corporate events. It would be best to prepare some formal activities while also leaving some space for virtual team-building activities. When choosing team-building activities for a virtual event, the match-all types of games are an excellent option for breaking the ice. 

How to choose a theme for your Music Bingo game

There are no limits on what songs you can include in your Music Bingo playlist, but making a thematic playlist is better. Don’t have enough time to compile your own list? You can take advantage of Spotify where you can find dozens of playlists for Music Bingo games. 

It’s better to start with the hottest songs for it’s your first team-building Bingo. Add some of your colleague’s favourite songs to the first round if you know they like to listen to them. There are many musical options to choose from. You can create different playlists for each round and make special shout-outs to spice up the game.  

Top picks for your Music Bingo

  • Rock music lovers
  • 80’s music bingo
  • Disney music bingo 
  • One-hit wonders bingo
  • Cheesy songs
  • Boybands bingo 
  • TikTok songs
  • Popular movie theme songs 

Music Bingo can become something truly amazing with the right playlist. As a rule, it takes up to 75 songs to generate Music Bingo cards for a virtual team-building event. While compiling your list, try to think outside the box and hit the road with Music Bingo games. 

How to host a virtual Music Bingo game

You can easily organize a party in a virtual space and play Music Bingo with any of your friends or colleagues. Just follow our easy step-by-step guide to hosting a dabbling virtual party. 

  1. Choose a platform 
    There is a wide selection of online platforms to host your virtual event. Zoom, Google Meets, and MS Teams are second-to-none when it comes to video conferencing. There are also online platforms specifically built for online events. For example, Party.Space offers full immersion for virtual events where you can party with your team or friends while staying remote.
  2. Ask about music preferences 
    Get to know the music tastes of your guests before drawing up Music Bingo templates. You can create an online poll to get answers from all of your guests. Thanks to the responses collected, you can compile a surefire playlist and make your party thrive. 
  3. Create a playlist
    Take advantage of ready-made playlists on YouTube Music or Spotify, or create your own. But don’t forget about the music preferences of your guests. While creating a playlist, take care of Music Bingo cards as well. 
  4. Prepare some prizes
    Think about prizes for your winners. It can be anything from online gift cards to real presents delivered to their homes.
  5. Throw a party
    You’re ready to hold your virtual party. Music bingo cards, playlists, and a DJ are standing by to spice up your event. 

Summing up

There are a variety of available options for making your virtual party a success, the right virtual activities will ensure that everyone walks away with positive emotions. Music Bingo is a great fit for any number of events, including corporate and family & friends. 

For more activities for your virtual party, check out our Ultimate List of Team Building Activities

Published Feb 1, 2022

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