Virtual Halloween Party Ideas 🎃 Games & Activities in Metaverse

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Virtual Halloween Party Ideas 🎃 Games & Activities in Metaverse

The spookiest and scariest day of the year is just under your nose. Now is the best time to start preparing for a virtual Halloween party. The first pandemic took everyone and especially entrepreneurs, unawares.
After years of getting used to a new normal, the technologies for online events have skyrocketed to new heights and delivered more opportunities for full immersion and real-life experience.

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Office worker at loss looking for Halloween zoom meeting ideas

While working from home is still prevalent, you need to find out how to organize the best Halloween party ever online. Indeed, a virtual party has become a great way to break the ice and treat your employees. In 2022, organizing a Halloween online party won’t surprise your colleagues at all.

In 2022, virtual partying moved from Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams into a metaverse reality. You can meet with employees, host events, and throw thematic parties. Today, we’re going to discuss how to organize Halloween virtual events with Party.Space and discuss virtual Halloween ideas for work.


Virtual Halloween Team Building Ideas

Games, virtual tours, virtual Halloween happy hours, and pumpkin carving workshops are only a few of the virtual Halloween ideas you can load your party with. As a rule, your party can be divided into two key parts – official and team bonding. We aren’t going to focus on the official part of your online Halloween party, let’s focus more on team building Halloween activities.

There are tons of Halloween ideas for remote employees – murder mystery games, costume competitions, Halloween quizzes, etc. So you need to decide on the activities that people will participate in during your Halloween party online.

All virtual Halloween ideas can be divided into two main categories – virtual games and activities. Last but not least, you have to choose what Halloween games and activities for virtual meetings to add to your party “menu” to keep everyone entertained and engaged while facilitating team bonding and communication.

The good news is that there are no limits for remote Halloween ideas for work, except your imagination.

These should be special team building Halloween activities and games that work well for virtual parties and are interesting for every guest despite their age. We’ve searched the web far and wide to compile a list of Halloween virtual team building activities and fun Halloween team building games.

Office worker sitting at the desk and analyzing Halloween Zoom ideas

Top Virtual Halloween Games

We won’t talk just about costume contests. Dressing up is definitely what makes Halloween awesome. There are tons of tricks and treats up our sleeves. Let’s start with virtual Halloween games. Whether your team is fully remotely or in the office, here are some fun Halloween team bonding games:

1. Play Halloween virtual games

Halloween virtual games can keep your guest entertained during your online party. Playing the Halloween persona game is a great way to break the ice, and it’s probably one of the most popular Halloween online games for work. Each member gets an identity and team members need to guess the guests. Here are some ideas:

  • Ghost afraid of guests
  • The so-great pumpkin
  • Wanda Maximoff from “Wandavision”
  • “Squid Games” player
  • Choco zombie
  • The never-crying clown
  • Homeowner who forgot to buy treats
Frankenstein monster for your Zoom Halloween Party

Once everyone joins the platform, you can start sending out private messages or emails with a quirk. May your employees take some time. When the time is out, ask participants to send their guesses to guests, reveal their identities, and award the absolute winner.

You can take as many rounds as you would like. This guessing game can help your employees immerse completely in the Halloween spirit and start their communication.

2. Solve a mystery crime

Halloween is the best time of the year to solve a murder mystery crime. There are tons of available virtual murder mystery games that can challenge and bond your team while investigating.

These games are role-playing detective games that can be played online. They are both fun and challenging. For example, you can add more excitement and intrigue to your virtual party with “Blood, Gold, and a Night of Jazz”.

This game follows the storyline of a committed crime in the Malibu mansion of the jazz-loving tech mogul. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Playing such Halloween games online helps your team bond and act as one unit, solving riddles and puzzles. Mysterious and fun Halloween virtual games encourage teamwork and facilitate communication between guests.

3. Detect Zombies

A severed hand to cram your Zoom Halloween Games with

Did you know that there are zombies all over? From time to time, each of us turns on “zombie mode”.

To play Zombies, you need to complete a list of statements and ask your teammates if they have done any of the following actions:

  • Looked for their telephones while keeping them in hands
  • Got into the wrong car
  • Forgot a birthday
  • Thought it was a different day
  • Missed a meeting by accident
  • Deleted an important file
  • Misplaced coffee
  • Forgot keys
  • Got out of the office to check the door lock
  • Deleted an important email

If the statement applies, the player gets bitten and has to blackout the screen. The player who remains till the last statement wins the game. You can add your own funny statements or situations happening with your teammates to spice things up.

Zombies are one of the best virtual Halloween games for work. It can ignite the party and help defuse the tension.

4. Play a spooky virtual Halloween quiz

Halloween Quiz in Party.Space Metaverse

There is hardly an online Halloween party that can do without virtual Halloween trivia games. You can include everything in your online Halloween trivia games, from facts about scarecrows and pumpkin carvings to movies and holiday traditions. It’s one of the funniest Halloween online activities.

You can be creative and write your own set of questions or take advantage of sample Halloween trivia quiz questions while planning Halloween games for work and any other virtual events.

Moreover, you can host professional trivia sessions to find out who is the pumKing of the trivia game.

Top Halloween icebreaker questions to use at your virtual Halloween party:

  • Where is the world’s most haunted house?
  • What was the real name of Dracula?
  • Who wrote “Frankenstein”?
  • Can pumpkins be other color than orange?
  • Who celebrated Halloween for the first time?
  • In which state can you not dress like a nun?
  • What are other names for Halloween?
  • Who was the first lady to decorate the White House?
  • Which famous musician died on Halloween?

You can split questions into categories to make your trivia game even more engaging. The categories may include candies, horror movies, costumes, monsters, traditions, etc.

5. Escape Room

Escape rooms are exciting, scary, and fun online Halloween games full of engaging and spooky challenges. Lessons learned while escaping the room can greatly enhance teamwork in the workplace. Your guests can learn to remain cool under pressure and brainstorm in a team as they solve riddles together.

A virtual Halloween party is a great place for a spooky escape room loaded with a scary story. As a rule, such online Halloween games take about an hour to find the way out of the room.

The game provides a memorable experience and helps your team learn valuable lessons in cooperation, confidence, and teamwork. Here are some virtual escape rooms you can book for your virtual Halloween party:

  • Widely Different Escape Rooms

At Widely Different, you can choose from pre-designed escape games or create your own. Escape the Artic, Escape the Castle, Crack the Code, 80s Escape Room, and Undercover Escape are waiting to challenge your team. All escape rooms can be played by teams of 2-12 players.

To add a more personalized experience, Widely Different can create a one-of-a-kind game using your content and branding. Your team will be knocked down speechless while escaping from their own office and solving mysterious puzzles.

  • Murder Mystery

Virtual Murder Mystery is full of riddles, clues, and challenges related to a real murder mystery. The story behind the mystery is true, and your team needs to solve it and find the murderer.

Playing this Halloween game online won’t take longer than 90 minutes. When all the guest reach the final act, they will find out the real story of what happened hundreds of years ago. It’s a virtual escape room that can offer a mystery experience for up to 300 people.

  • YouScape

YouScape is a virtual escape room with thousands of different games. Each game can host up to 10 people, but you can also add more players by request.

Every room is different. From defusing a bomb to solving a real murder, YouScape can offer something truly amazing for every team.

  • 60out

60out offers a wide range of fun and mysterious online Halloween games that promote problem solving, critical thinking and encourage team building. All the rooms are divided into categories like beginners, big groups, experts, horror, and 75 min.

Horror rooms are designed to scare players while they are looking for clues and solving puzzles. Blood, guts, thrills, and physical scares – 60out has something for everyone.

  • Escape Experiences

Escape Experiences presents a new level of virtual escape rooms with a trained remote avatar who is physically locked inside one of their brick-and-mortar escape rooms. Escape rooms are available to guests from all over the world.

While solving crimes and riddles, your team will get the most fun (or mystery)-filled hour. Your team can take part in any of the adventures, like defusing a nuclear bomb, a gateway from a runway train, or a prison break. It’s definitely one of the best Halloween games for your virtual event.

6. Scream “Bingo!” while playing virtual Halloween Bingo

Virtual bingo in metaverse

Virtual Halloween Bingo is a win-win game for teams of any size and age. Every participant gets a virtual or paper Bingo card to start the game. You can run a virtual music bingo game but load it with Halloween-themed songs.

The rules are simple. Participants need to listen to the songs played; they need to place symbols on the cards. As soon as the first contestant gets five songs in a row, they need to call for Bingo!

There are no limits when it comes to what songs to include in a playlist of your virtual Halloween bingo. You can compile your own list of songs or leverage Spotify where there are hundreds of thematic music bingo playlists. Here are some songs you can include in your spooky Halloween playlist:

  • Thriller by Michael Jackson
  • This is Halloween by The Citizens of Halloween
  • Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett
  • Disturbia by Rihanna
  • Witches Brew by Hap Palmer
  • The Devil by Banks
  • Graveyard Cha Cha by The Three D’s
  • Devil Woman by Cliff Richard
  • He’s a Vampire by Archie King
  • Scooby Doo Themed Song
  • Little Drop of Poison by Tom Waits

7. Become a crime scene investigator

Virtual crime scene investigation (V.C.S.I) is a game similar to escape rooms and murder mysteries. While solving riddles and looking for clues, your team can bond together and have a fun time. Isn’t it one of the best Halloween virtual games for work?

A whodunit can bring your team together and work to find the one who committed the crime. Here are some virtual crime investigation games to include in your virtual Halloween party:

  • Sherlock Homes
Sharlock Holmes in virtual games

Sherlock Homes: Crimes and Punishment is one of the most popular crime scene-solving games. The game features six thrilling investigations – missing persons, murders, thefts, and other investigations that can bring your team into the realms of Sherlock’s world.

Team players can be free to conduct their investigation as they want. There are 14 skills of detection to use while investigating crimes like Sherlock. All decisions influence the reputation of your investigation or surprising consequences your team may face where they least expect.

  • The Murder Mystery of Keith O’Leary and Margo Morrison
The Murder Mystery escape games

Keith and Margo are murder mystery legends. They provide one-of-a kind CSI experiences for teams of any size and even for the entire list of Fortune 500. All activities take place in a Zoom call where a live detective helps your team navigate the deep waters of clues and evidence.

  • The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes in metaverse

This game is a PC-based game with 16 cases, from espionage to ancient curses and murders. You can set up a Zoom or Microsoft Teams conference call to dive into Victorian London, solve puzzles, and find the murderer.

All the stories are written in the classic style of Arthur Conan Doyle and feature well-known regulars from his original stories. Also, there are dozens of puzzles and minigames to keep your teammates engaged while looking for relevant clues.

  • The Woman Who Cried Under Water

The investigation follows the beginning of “The Woman Who Cried Under Water” by Niko Tackian. It’s only a pre-investigation of the story. It’s a completely free virtual investigation game for your Halloween virtual party.

It’s fully interactive and features witness video statements, suspect files, autopsy reports, interrogation videos, and crime scene photos. With such elements, the game will feel and look like a near-life investigation.

  • CSI Web Adventures

CSI investigators need to be jacks of all trades. With CSI Web Adventures, your team can analyze handwriting, test their memory, go on a virtual Halloween scavenger hunt, spot the difference, and train their observation skills.

Moreover, you can also create your own puzzle for the “spot the difference” game. Just choose ten images, alter them with any photo-altering tool, and create slides with an original and a twin image. Then, create the presentation and challenge your team!

8. Trick or treat?

Trick or treat halloween activities in metaverse

This Halloween game can also become a virtual one. Even virtual trick or treating can help your employees enjoy the spoils of the Halloween hunt. Here are some virtual trick or treat ideas and how to organize the game for your remote colleagues:

  • Choose digital treats for your team. It can be anything like online gift cards, app credits, subscriptions, virtual wallpapers, etc.
  • Help your team connect with each other via messenger or email.
  • Make sure gift-givers have everything they need, including gifts, jokes, riddles, and questions for trick or treaters.
  • When trick or treaters answer correctly or solve the puzzle, gift givers need to send the treats.

Such a game can promote personal communication between your team members and add a virtual twist to a traditional Halloween experience.

9. Virtual Halloween scavenger hunt

A virtual scavenger hunt is an online game inspired by a traditional one that challenges players to find particular items or solve riddles before they are out of time. There are tons of ways to add a spooky twist to your virtual Halloween party.

For instance, a player may have to find a weapon to defeat a ghost or take a selfie with a black cat to earn points. The key goal of the online Halloween scavenger hunt is to have a fun time and to party hard.
Have no idea what challenges or items to include in your virtual scavenger hunt?

Here are some Halloween virtual scavenger hunt ideas to take into account while planning.

Halloween activities items to look around

Find in your team a person who:

  • Hates Halloween
  • Owns a black cat
  • Lives in a haunted house
  • Scared of cats
  • Likes candy corns
  • Is a witch

Activities for your scavenger hunt

  • Perform a tik-tok dance
  • Decorate a pumpkin
  • Scream “Boo!” in Chinese
  • Dance the mummy dance

How to play a virtual scavenger hunt:

  • Choose a platform for your virtual scavenger hunt
  • Split up your team into smaller groups
  • Share the list and allocate the time they have to complete the challenge
  • Award the winning team

10. Guess Who?

Guess who? virtual game

Guess who? is a simple online game that facilitates communication by asking questions. For a Halloween virtual party, you can prepare themed questions.

This game should have the Controller that decides who the participants are trying to guess (the Subject). In turn, the Controller answers the “yes” or “no” questions. Moreover, the Controller can switch off the camera and remain anonymous. In each round, some participants are knocked out of the game.

For example, if there is a question, “does this person wear white?” or “does this person have short hair?”. Participants who don’t match the given criteria should leave the game by turning off their video. The game is over when the Subject is revealed.


Top Fun Virtual Halloween Activities

There are tons of other funny and engaging virtual games you can take advantage of while throwing a virtual Halloween party. But the party needs more than just games. Think over more virtual Halloween activities for adults to add to your party minutes.

Carve the spookiest virtual pumpkins

Don’t let any physical distance keep you and your team from getting real Halloween vibes. You can order the carving kits that will cover everything needed, from pumpkins to glitters and candles. It won’t take more than $10-$20 per kit.

Then, you can organize a virtual pumpkin carving class. At the set time, guests enter the space, meet the teacher, and hone their pumpkin carving skills.

Another way to get your teammates excited about online pumpkin carving is to host a contest. You can make it live or create a cloud drive to submit photos and upvote them.

Take a virtual trip to Salem, Massachusetts

virtual trip to Salem Massachusetts

Dive into personal stories, theories, and demographics of 1692. Salem was full of dire events and witch trials. But in 20222, you don’t need to travel there to get the feel of witchcraft and history.

Organize a virtual tour for your team and learn about the mysterious history of Salem. Visit all the haunted locations, following the footsteps of the accused witches. This tour can keep up the suspense till the last minute.

There are several options to organize the tour: live or prerecorded virtual Salem tour.

Bust out the paint or needles

There are dozens of craft kits designed for hobby artists of all ages. During your virtual Halloween party, you can organize a workshop and do a Halloween craft with your team, from ghosts to mugs and pillows.

You can run a poll beforehand and decide on a craft kit or workshop to organize during your virtual party. Or, you can encourage everyone to do a Halloween craft and then share it with the team. Moreover, the team can upvote the crafts and award the winner!

Such a simple craft activity is great for prompting discussions about hobbies, interests, and life outside of the office. For example, you can better learn from your team members and find out that one of your team is secretly a professional watercolorist or knitter.

Tell the fortune with a virtual tarot reading

Virtual tarot readings can be an extra source of entertainment at your Halloween party. Make sure that everyone will be able to get a personal tarot reading since there is a limited number of tarot readings the performers can do in an hour’s time.

Otherwise, you can book the entertainer for the wrong amount of time. For smaller teams, one tarot reader with 7-8 readings per hour will be more than enough. When it comes to larger teams, it’s better to book a few entertainers.

Taro readings can touch too personal things, so your reading “room” should be set up in a private area. Consider organizing a private channel or Zoom room where guests can privately ask a tarot reader questions.

There are plenty of online tarot readers. For example, Tarot NYC. During the pandemic, the company switched its readings to the online mode and started organizing corporate events for companies. With 10+ tarot professionals, they can serve even 500+ parties.

Watch spooky Halloween movies

Watching scary movies is the best way to spend Halloween Eve. Make the list of movies to scare your team silly and capture everyone’s reactions. This is even easier when it’s a virtual party. You can make screenshots of epic reactions (don’t forget to ask for permission). It’s probably one of the easiest Halloween remote activities.

You need to install a free extension like Teleparty to organize a virtual Halloween movie night. Everyone’s video will be synced, and you can chat in real time. Here are some Netflix horror movies to tickle the nerves of your team:

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacra (2022)
  • Choose or Die (2022)
  • Fear Street Trilogy (2022)
  • Till Death (2021)
  • Escape the Undertaker (2021)

Share Halloween memories

Add a personal element to your virtual Halloween party and help your team get to know each other better. This can be anything that your team members want to share, from childhood trick or treating or beloved family traditions.

This activity can be conducted in a popcorn style, meaning that after each guest shares their memory with the group, they can choose the next “victim”. Along the way, the team can bond more effectively and form connections with each other.

Of course, if your team is 100+, it’s better to limit sharing time or make it by request. That way, you’ll have time for other games and activities.

Choose the best Halloween costume

If your team likes dressing up, then hosting a virtual Halloween costume contest seems a pretty good idea. Encourage everyone to show up on a call with their best Halloween costumes or share their photos. You can use special voting tools built into a wide range of video call platforms to choose “The Creepiest Costume of Your Virtual Halloween Party”.

To make this online Halloween activity more engaging and encourage more people to participate, you can choose winners in multiple categories like the most creative costume, the funniest costume, etc.

As for prizes, you can send winners digital cards for products or services. Or you can deliver corporate thematic gift sets for winners.

Run a magician show

Ghosts, witches, ghouls, and vampires are indispensable elements of any Halloween party, even a virtual one. Halloween is full of magic!

Nothing can be more fascinating and intriguing than seeing a magician in real life. These artists can perform unbelievable tricks like illusions leaving your guests in utter disbelief, or they can flourish small objects like coins, banknotes, ropes, and even mind reading.

This is a fantastic Halloween virtual activity that can help break the ice. As soon as guests hear the gasps of amazement, they’d like to share their emotions and discuss all the illusions. A great many magicians like interacting directly with party guests. For example, they can ask someone to unmute themselves and choose a card or try their hands at an illusion.

The length of magic and illusion acts varies, from an hour-long session to a few minutes of tricks and stunts. Many magicians have different show programs and can adjust them to your needs.

Make a Halloween candy with your team

Trick or treat yourself with homemade candies! As much as we love store-bought sweets, there is something special about making it on your own. You can organize a virtual candy-making workshop for your team.

A chef can lead your team through all the processes of chocolate tempering, where your team can make a pound of homemade chocolate candies. There are tons of DIY chocolate or cookie kits. As a rule, kits include everything required to make the best candies or cookies, but there are still some items your team needs to care about before the party.

In most cases, you’ll need some butter or oil, paper towels, and water for a virtual chocolate workshop. This Halloween remote activity is suitable for teams of all sizes and ages.

Organize a Halloween cocktail-making night

Make some magic cocktail “potions” to get your team to drink, eat, communicate, and be scary. Put together a few recipes and provide everyone with the necessary ingredients.

Want to try something new and extraordinary? You can organize a virtual mixology class for your virtual Halloween party. The primary goal of the class is to break the ice and create a relaxed atmosphere for everyone. While watching a bartender show and drinking cocktails, you can discuss questions, make connections, and discuss your future plans.

Organizing a virtual cocktail party isn’t that difficult. Choose cocktails, prepare and deliver boxes with ingredients, and get ready for a spooky virtual mixology class.

Enjoy ghost stories

Ghost stories are best served around the campfire, but they can spice up even virtual Halloween parties. Tales of haunted houses, supernatural encounters, and ghost stories that are actually said to be true are indispensable elements of a spooky Halloween party.

Ghost stories can make you feel closer to each other while giving us a bit of thrill. With adrenaline rushing up, we still love telling and being told scary stories. Though it’s hard to bring autumn campfires to a virtual space, you can, however, bring your favorite ghost stories to a virtual Halloween party.

To add more spices to your party, you can organize guided storytelling with a live guide at a Victorian cemetery. Real cemetery with real ghosts and a real guide telling real ghost stories – this can make your party the spookiest virtual event of the year.


How to Organize a Metaverse Halloween with Party.Space

Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams are great for business communication, but when it comes to entertainment and virtual parties – it’s better to make use of special party platforms like Party.Space.

It’s a virtual platform powered by AR and VR technologies that can create a near real-life presence.

Party.Space levels up the virtual party experience and opens the door to the metaverse for partying. While hosting a Halloween metaverse party, all your guests will feel like visiting a real-life party no matter how many miles they are away.

Partying in the metaverse is like playing a video game where your avatar can meet different people, take part in different activities, and experience true immersion into the virtual atmosphere.

Throwing a metaverse Halloween party is similar to organizing a traditional offline party. The only thing you don’t have to care is the venue. All guests can attend your party regardless of their location. Note, that for a distributed team, it’s better to pick the overlapping hours.

Here’s a step-by-step algorithm to follow while organizing a Halloween in the metaverse with Party.Space:

  • Customize your party venue

Though it’s a virtual party, you still need to take care of the backgrounds, thematic elements, banners, etc. You can fully customize your virtual party venue using your corporate style and create a real-life party atmosphere for your colleagues to meet, chat, and have fun.

A metaverse has far more possibilities for customization and more immersion than Google Meets or Zoom, which have no rivals for daily business communication.

  • Choose the date and time

Halloween’s Eve is just around the corner! Don’t wait too long. Reserve the most convenient time and date for your team. Don’t forget about the time differences if your team is distributed all over the world.

  • Pick up games and activities for your virtual Halloween party

Virtual trivia games, guided virtual tours, metaverse Halloween costume contests, mixology classes, pumpkin carving contests are just to name a few. With the Party.Space metaverse, you can load your party with various virtual games, experiences, and activities. Don’t forget to check the list above for team-building Halloween activities.

  • Prepare prizes for winners and “boxes”

If you are going to run some contests, don’t forget about prizes. It can be anything from online gift cards to books and branded office supplies. In case, if there are some workshops on your party “menu”, you need to take care of all the things your team may need beforehand.

For example, you’re going to organize a virtual mixology class. So you have to compile a cocktail menu and deliver all the ingredients right to the door of your employees. Don’t forget about the light snack as well.

  • Send spooky invitations

With the event being virtual, you need to share with your colleagues all the information about the party, including the date, time, and the link to the metaverse. You can make use of various platforms like Canva or Evite to create invites and include all the necessary information.

If there are any special requirements, don’t forget to mention all of them in your invites.

  • Get skeletons out of the closet and make your party the spookiest event in the whole metaverse

Once everything is set, you can enjoy the atmosphere, meet with your team, and paint the town red while Party.Space is taking care of everything else to provide a smooth but engaging virtual experience.


Summing Up

Throwing a virtual Halloween party is easier than organizing and hosting an offline event. But your virtual party should feel and look like a special occasion, not an average daily meeting on Microsoft Teams. By using all the tips and tricks mentioned in our guide, you can create an engaging virtual event for your remote employees.

Party.Space provides features and opportunities that can make your virtual Halloween party differ from video meetings and conferences. By leveraging the power of virtual technologies, we can bring the feelings of full presence while staying remote. All the guests can interact with each other, sip cocktails, discuss shows and games in real-time, listen to DJ sets, and tell horror stories.

While throwing a virtual Halloween party with Party.Space, you don’t have to take care of any of tech issues, ticketing, registration, and more. Our team can assist you with every step of your journey. Book a demo to experience all the benefits of a metaverse Halloween party.

Halloween team discussing scary zoom games sitting around


What can you do on Halloween online?

There are plenty of activities you can do while attending a virtual Halloween party. Various workshops, games, and guided virtual cemetery tours are just to name a few. In our detailed guide, we’re discussing top virtual team-building activities you can load your virtual event with to keep everyone engaged. Did you know that even trick or treating can be turned into online experience?

How do you celebrate Halloween virtually at work?

Virtual celebrations have come into our lives with the Covid pandemic. They’ve become a new normal not only for business events but also for personal ones. You can not only use a Zoom for a Halloween party video call but organize a near-real Halloween party in the metaverse.

How do you host a virtual Halloween contest?

Virtual contests are events where your virtual guests compete on who tells the best ghost story or who has the spookiest costumes. Based on voting results, your team can determine winners.
Organizing and hosting a virtual contest is similar to offline ones. You need to choose the type of contest, explain the rules, and choose the winner.

What do you do at a virtual Halloween party?

There are plenty of activities you can load your virtual Halloween party with from trivia games to workshops and DJ sets. With Party.Space, you can bridge the gap between the virtual and brick-and-mortar worlds.

How do you make a fun virtual Halloween party?

Having fun is a key goal of any virtual party. There are tons of fun virtual Halloween games and activities that can help you keep your guests entertained, like scavenger hunts, Halloween virtual bingo, contests, virtual mixology classes, virtual Halloween trivia games, costume contests, etc.
Choose the activities that match the interest of your guests, and you’ll throw the funniest virtual Halloween party ever!
If the games aren’t enough to make your virtual Halloween party fun, you can always hire various artists and entertainers for your event, like fortune tellers, magicians, etc.

How do you hold a virtual Halloween party?

Goblins, ghosts, and witches also have to get together in person to have some Halloween fun. But in 2022, when partying remotely has become a new normal, you can hold a virtual Halloween party.
Zoom, Google Meets, and Skype are the first tools that cross your mind when speaking about virtual meetings and parties. But Party.Space can level up your virtual Halloween party and let you create an unmatched Halloween-themed party for your employees.

Published Sep 26, 2022

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