10 Virtual Easter Activities Your Work Team Will Love in 2023

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10 Virtual Easter Activities Your Work Team Will Love in 2023

Virtual celebrations go a long way toward building a positive and supportive workplace culture, boosting morale and motivation, and helping remote employees feel more connected to their colleagues. Whether you’re hosting virtual happy hour, a team-building activity, or celebrating a major accomplishment, taking the time to recognize and celebrate together is a valuable investment in your team's success.

Virtual easter for employees? Why not?! Since the beginning of COVID-19 quarantines, a virtual Easter celebration no longer sounded like a crazy idea. Easter virtual activities have become more popular, and the variety of fun easter virtual games is impressive. Many people worldwide have had to transition from offline to online, where celebrating holidays with friends, colleagues and family is concerned. And after three years of this, most of us have already grown accustomed to these conditions.

Even through a screen, celebrating together helps build a sense of community and togetherness within a team. This is particularly important in a virtual work environment, where employees may not be able to connect in person as frequently.

Today, many companies are allowing their employees to continue working remotely. In such conditions, celebrating Easter with your team may be a bit more complicated than in previous years.

Or perhaps not? Let’s look at different ways to organize a virtual Easter team-building event that brings your team together and delivers tons of fun.

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How to prepare for a virtual Easter party

A virtual Easter includes almost everything an in-person celebration offers except for your team’s physical presence. People gather online to share a meal, have conversations, and participate in fun virtual easter games and activities.

easter zoom backgrounds

Preparing for a virtual Easter party can be a fun and creative way to celebrate the holiday with your team. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a successful easter virtual background:

  1. Choose a virtual platform. Modern meeting platforms help organize online parties in the best way possible. For example, you can host a party in special 3D full-featured online virtual spaces for teams of ten to thousands of people.
  2. Plan the virtual Easter activities. Choose activities that can be done virtually, such as Easter egg decorating, trivia virtual games for easter, and online Easter egg hunts. Consider sending out a list of suggested supplies beforehand so everyone can participate fully.
  3. Send out invitations. Send out invitations to your virtual Easter party in advance, including the date, time, and instructions for joining the party. Encourage attendees to dress up in their Easter best or to wear fun Easter-themed accessories.
  4. Set the scene. Decorate your space with Easter-themed decorations like pastel-colored streamers, Easter eggs, and bunny ears. Branding this space, communicating through video chats, playing games, and participating in various activities is possible. Such spaces allow for immersing employees in a real team-building experience that is so much more than just regular conferencing or live streaming.
  5. Prepare a good mood! Yes, it’s the main point.

All these tips will help you to create a fun and engaging virtual Easter party that everyone will enjoy.

Virtual Easter team building activities for work

Virtual team building activities can be a great way to bring your team together and celebrate the holiday, even if you can’t be together in person. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Virtual Easter Icebreaker questions

virtual team building easter activities

Q&A sessions can greatly help colleagues get to know each other better. This type of activity is better to do at the beginning of your virtual Easter party since it warms up the atmosphere among your team. Appropriate questions for team building on virtual Easter are as follows:

  • What is your favorite Easter tradition?
  • How old were you when you found out the Easter bunny wasn’t real?
  • What is your personal record for egg hunting?
  • What’s your favorite Easter candy?
  • Do you have a favorite Easter movie or TV show?
  • What’s the most unique or unusual Easter gift you’ve ever received?
  • What’s your favorite thing about spring?
  • Do you have any family Easter traditions you still continue to this day?
  • What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done on Easter?
  • Have you ever dressed up as the Easter bunny or another Easter character?
  • What’s the most interesting Easter decoration you’ve ever seen?
  • What’s the funniest or most embarrassing Easter memory you have?
easter activities virtual

Find more ice-breaking question ideas here.

Virtual Easter Team photo

easter egg games online

This activity tops off just about every list of must-have virtual activities for virtual parties. People like to take group photos, both virtually and at meetings. Attendees can make this activity more interesting by making faces, bringing pets, virtual easter baskets and making funny poses and gestures.

Before the celebration, try handing out some objects each attendee should have in the photo. Maybe someone will dress as a bunny or a chicken? Be creative.

Virtual Easter Mixology

virtual easter activities for adults

Online mixology is a great way to bring your employees together and fully engage them in the celebration.

Decide which cocktails you want to make at your party. Drinks can be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. If you’re considering hiring professional bartenders, ask them which cocktails are easier to make at home.

There are a lot of Easter cocktail options. These can be lavender lemonade, chocolate egg martinis, strawberry mimosas, etc. Once the virtual mixology activity is over – you can drink together and share your thoughts on the results.

Online Easter Cooking Challenge

Have your team participate in an Easter-themed cooking competition, where they have to create a dish using specific ingredients or a certain recipe. You can judge the dishes based on presentation, creativity, and taste. And also it can be mot challenge but an example of virtual easter workshops.

How to organize easter activities online like an Easter Cooking Challenge for your virtual team-building activity?

  • Choose the Recipe or Ingredients. Decide on a recipe or set of ingredients that your team members will use to create their dish. You can choose something classic like Easter ham or deviled eggs.
  • Set a Time Limit. Decide a time limit for the cooking challenge, such as 30 minutes or an hour. Make sure to give your team enough time to complete their dish but not so much time that they lose focus or get bored.
  • Encourage Creativity. Encourage your team to get creative with their dishes, whether by adding their own twist to a classic recipe or using unusual flavor combinations. You can have a prize for the most creative dish.
  • Judging and Awards. Once the cooking challenge is over, have a panel of judges taste and evaluate each dish based on presentation and creativity. You can also have a team vote for the best dish or have a prize for the team with the best overall presentation.

Easter Cooking Challenge is a fun and interactive way for your team engagement and celebrates the holiday together. Remember to make the challenge accessible for everyone and provide any necessary support and guidance.

Virtual easter games for work

easter egg games online

Virtual Easter egg decorating contest

Ask your colleagues to decorate an egg and take a photo of it. The winner can receive a prize or bragging rights. Here are some more details about hosting a virtual egg decorating contest with your coworkers to do one of the most exciting easter virtual games :

  1. Establish the rules. Be clear about the rules of the contest. You can specify if the egg should be decorated with traditional materials like dye, paint, or markers or if people can get creative with materials like stickers, glitter, or fabric. You can also set a size limit or a theme for the egg decorations.
  2. Collect a photo. Ask everyone to photograph their decorated egg and submit it to a shared folder or email address. Make sure to ask for permission to share the photos with everyone else in the company.
  3. Vote on the winner. Once all the photos are collected, share its with everyone in the company and ask them to vote on their favorite egg.
  4. Announce and award the winner. After the votes are counted, announce the winner of the egg decorating contest. You can share the winning egg photo with everyone in the company and a prize or special recognition for the winner.

Virtual Easter egg hunt for office employees

virtual easter egg hunt

One of the most popular easter games online is egg hunting. Luckily, this game can also be played online. Virtual 3D spaces are ideal places to hide and search for eggs.

Just hide eggs in different areas of your virtual space and ask participants to search for them and your virtual easter egg hunt online will be incredible. This digital easter egg hunt is even more interesting if attendees find the eggs but have to figure out ways to reach them to collect them.

And here are some ideas for the Easter egg hunt virtual:

  • Use a virtual meeting platform. Using a virtual meeting platform, you can hide virtual eggs in the background or share your screen with a virtual Easter egg hunt game. You can also use the chat function to give hints or clues to help people find the eggs.
  • Create a virtual escape room. Design a virtual escape room where players have to solve Easter-themed puzzles to find hidden eggs. You can use different apps to create the puzzles, and then use a virtual platform to guide your coworkers through the room.
  • Hide virtual eggs on your company website or intranet. Create a list of hidden eggs and challenge your coworkers to find them all. You can also add clues to help people find the eggs.

Take a picture from virtual Easter celebration

online easter games

This icebreaker easter online games is best used when people first arrive at your virtual party. Ask participants to take a picture of a particular topic. These can include photos of eggs, chocolate bunnies, and other decorations during Easter.

Give your group five minutes to take photos and post them for all participants to see. Let your teammates comment on their photos and then discuss the pictures you see and if anything stands out as nostalgic or sentimental.

Virtual easter ideas for your remote team

virtual easter program ideas

Virtual Easter Music Bingo

Virtual Music Bingo is one of the most popular activities for virtual parties. The game is even suitable for big companies. There is no limit on the number of people that can participate.

In this game, every participant gets a Music Bingo card with a list of the most popular tunes. When your guests get a full house of songs, they become winners and get BINGO. For Easter, try to prepare songs related to the holiday. These can include film music or popular songs associated with the holiday. And it can be one of the best exciting online easter activities.

Virtual Easter Trivia

Virtual trivia is a specific type of game played online where competitors are asked various questions across any number of topics. Guessing the answers and learning lots of random new facts when guessing incorrectly is guaranteed fun for everyone. A virtual trivia game is like a quiz with easy facts and questions that help bring new teammates together and strengthen the bonds of a team.

Try choosing questions related to the Easter holiday. These can be:

  1. Easter always falls between which two dates?
  2. What did Jesd his apostles eat at the Last Supper?
  3. The first Easter eggs were dyed in what color?
  4. What is the name of the holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ?
  5. What symbol is commonly associated with Easter and represents new life?
  6. Which animal is often associated with Easter and symbolizes fertility and new beginnings?
  7. What is the traditional color associated with Easter, representing purity and innocence?
  8. In what country did the tradition of the Easter Bunny originate?
  9. What is the name of the traditional Easter bread made with eggs and often braided or shaped into a ring?
  10. In what year did the first White House Easter Egg Roll take place?

Virtual Easter Brunch

A virtual brunch can be even more interesting online when every team member has prepared a meal of their choice. You can also email specific Easter recipes like frittatas, Easter bread, carrot cake, deviled eggs, potatoes, ham, chocolate desserts, etc. Choose a time for your team’s brunch and come together to share what you’ve made before eating it.

Save some ideas for hosting a virtual Easter brunch with your team:

  • Share recipes

Ask everyone to prepare their favorite Easter brunch dish and share the recipe with the group ahead of time. So, everyone can make the dish at home and enjoy it together during the virtual brunch.

  • Coordinate food delivery

If possible, coordinate a food delivery service to send a brunch package to each participant. This can include items like coffee or tea, pastries, and other brunch items. Also you can create a shared grocery list and encourage everyone to purchase their own ingredients ahead of time.

  • Create a brunch playlist

Put together a playlist of Easter-themed music or your favorite brunch tunes and share it with the group. You can play the music during the virtual brunch or have everyone listen to it on their own.

  • Dress up

Encourage everyone to dress up in their favorite Easter attire, whether that’s a special-colored outfit or a fun Easter hat or bunny ears. This can add to the festive atmosphere and make everyone feel more connected during the virtual brunch.

A few more important moments

Try celebrating your virtual Easter with your remote teams by gathering in 3D virtual spaces. Choose from several virtual easter activities for work that you can all do together. Some of them can be decided beforehand and some are organized as a surprise. You can also hire professionals to facilitate the activity if needed. Don’t forget to record the session to have it in the cloud for memories. Enjoy it!


How to do a virtual Easter egg hunt at work?

1. Decide what platform to choose. Make sure everyone has access to the platform and knows how to use it.
2. Hide the virtual eggs. Create virtual Easter eggs and hide them in various places throughout the platform.
3. Explain the rules.
4. Give hints. This can be done through chat, by sharing your screen, or by verbally guiding your coworkers through the platform.
5. Set a deadline. This will add an element of competition and keep the game moving.
6. Reward the winner.

How do you celebrate Easter at work virtually?

Some easy steps to celebrate Ester with your team virtually:
– Choose a virtual platform.
– Plan the virtual easter activities.
– Send out invitations.
– Set the scene.
– Prepare a good mood!

What is a virtual Easter party?

A virtual Easter party is a way to celebrate the Easter holiday with friends and family remotely, using online communication platforms. With creative virtual Easter party ideas and a little planning, your online Easter party can be just as fun and engaging as an in-person gathering.

Published Jan 26, 2023

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