Top 7 Types of Virtual Events Being Hosted in 2023

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Top 7 Types of Virtual Events Being Hosted in 2023

Hosting and attending virtual events has become a monthly and even weekly routine for many. Here and there, you’ll see ads saying ‘Join our event!’ or ‘Get your ticket now!’ and most of those ads relate to a virtual event in one form or another. Of course, in-person events are still popular and aren’t going away. However, with the pandemic, so much interest shifted towards virtual reality and how to create a truly immersive experience for those attending online events. 

In 2022, the number of planned virtual events is rising by the day. According to a recent survey by Kaltura, more than 48% of companies plan to host more virtual events. What’s more, most companies will host even more completely digital events or a hybrid of offline and online by 2023.

What are virtual events?

We all know what offline events are. People gather for a specific reason, whether for a conference, meetup, trade show, or exhibition, to share knowledge, find leads, or do some networking. The digitalized world offers the same opportunities online by utilizing webinars, online gatherings, 3-D events, and occasional meetings. All in all, virtual events allow you to visit so many places without leaving your favorite chair.   

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular types of virtual events so that you can choose whichever fits you best. If you’re looking to host an event, whatever idea you have in mind, we’ve got you covered. 

Virtual event is the future that has already arrived

Below are our top four reasons for learning how to operate in a virtual world. 

  1. It’s convenient.
    The farthest you need to travel is to the screen of your laptop. From speakers and audience members to organizers and special guests, every person involved will find attending a virtual event easier. Again, the study by Kaltura* showed that 84% of respondents preferred virtual events instead of in-person ones.  
  2. The audience loves it.
    You get a chance to see speakers in the comfort of their home offices. This is something that would never happen at an in-person event. On the one hand, you can’t just walk up to the speaker to do some networking. But on the other hand, online events allow us to connect with people no matter where they are. 
  3. Attractive prices.
    Speakers charge less for online appearances than for in-person. This is an excellent opportunity for an audience to see top-notch speakers for a fair price. Another advantage for speakers is attending more events and earning even more. And for attendees, online events are also more affordable.
  4. Engaging content.
    Surprisingly, people find online content more interesting. Where in-person events were popular for networking purposes, virtual events now allow attendees to learn more about a company. The growing popularity of virtual events will not only remain but grow as time rolls on.  

So what are the types of virtual events?

#1 Conferences & Meetups
Even though online events don’t have the same in-person effect as offline events, there’re plenty of other perks you can experience. Virtual spaces allow organizers to streamline conferences and meetups of any size. The good thing is that the audience can see the keynotes on their screen, create an event plan, and communicate through chats. 

#2 Virtual trade shows
Virtual events strive to reach a global audience. When talking about trade shows, it’s crucial to get as many people as possible to maximize the business. Then, when you have thousands of people at an arms-length, you can use chat tools to educate them about offerings.   

#3 Webinars
Perhaps webinars are one of the most widespread online events of the last few years, along with meetups and workshops. One can conduct live webinars to educate people about a product, save it, and use the archived version to make some upsells. You just record it once and then sell it to individual customers. This is especially powerful if the given information is valuable.

#4 Music concerts
Speaking of online music concerts, they’re not going anywhere. Online concerts allow people to experience their favorite artists live. Only three countries, the UK, US, and Canada, were doing this type of event online. Now, more and more online concerts are available, which allows us to visit almost any incredible global event.

#5 University fairs
With the rise of virtual events, it’s now easier to pick a college or a university. You can simply attend any open door event, talk to people, get first-hand information, and that’s it. You’re ready to make a choice. Moreover, there are plenty of educational events to attend when you’re studying. In this case, virtual events allow you to visit as many events as you want and build up a schedule that suits your needs. 

#6 3D virtual events
If you need to host an event and want it to be unconventional, a 3D virtual event may be up your alley. One such platform for this is Party.Space, which allows you to host a virtual or hybrid event that can be tailored around any topic. For instance, if you’re about to celebrate a birthday party or something like St. Patrick’s Day, Party.Space has you covered with virtual theme rooms.

#7 Hybrid events
If you still have doubts about hybrid events, let’s clarify this one once and for all. If an offline event is also hosted online, that’s the definition of a hybrid event. It’s a win-win as it brings together the best of both worlds. Depending on your convenience, you can choose whether you prefer to attend the event online or offline. 

That’s it for now

This complete list of virtual events types is an homage to virtual worlds that have become part of our everyday lives. We’ve covered the definition of a virtual event, its pros & cons, and discussed the most popular types of virtual events out there. Now it’s up to you to choose what kind of event works best for your business, occasion, or your personal needs.   

*More about The Study of Kaltura

Published Mar 23, 2022

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