Saint Patrick’s Day: virtual space with activities for your team

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Saint Patrick’s Day: virtual space with activities for your team
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Saint Patrick’s Day is traditionally celebrated on March 17th. This holiday symbolizes the adoption of Christianity in Ireland and its cultural heritage. St. Patrick’s Day celebrations usually include parades and festivals, dances, and wearing green robes or shamrocks.

Green is the color of spring and the Shamrock. It is also common to decorate costumes with a lively or stylized trefoil sprig and the Irish flag. Gradually, the custom appeared to pin sprigs of a live shamrock (considered a symbol of the holiday in Ireland) to clothes.

One of the holiday symbols is leprechauns – fabulous shoemakers who own a hidden pot of gold. If a lucky treasure hunter manages to catch a leprechaun, this creature must tell the person where his treasures are hidden. However, if you suddenly notice a shoemaker, then remember that you should not completely believe him – these little men are malicious and mischievous and can easily deceive a gullible treasure seeker. 

St. Patrick’s Day became widely popular all over the world. On this day, everyone can become Irish if they only want to. 

But what if you want to celebrate a virtual St. Patrick’s Day? Just don’t go to Zoom for this – there are far more fun options out there.

Host A Virtual St. Patrick’s day Celebration at Party.Space pub

If you want to have a truly memorable virtual party, check out Party.Space. Party.Space provides full-featured virtual online space for teams of ten to thousands of people. 

Brand your space, video chat, enjoy live concerts, play games and participate in various activities. Immerse yourself in an experience that is so much more than Zoom meetings or regular live streams.

And while you are considering what to choose – a fun interactive virtual space or a traditional conference call, we will tell you what activities you can use to diversify your holiday.

The Best Virtual St. Patrick’s day ideas & activities 

Virtual party celebration both in large or small teams

The virtual St. Patrick’s Day activities listed below encourage socializing and goofiness, allowing people to let off steam and give loved ones a good mood. Some virtual St. Patrick’s Day games include beer or whiskey tasting, holiday happy hours, scavenger hunts, and trivia. Create your mix of activities that will make your party stand out. 

Virtual St. Patrick’s Day Icebreakers

Icebreaker questions are a quick and easy way to relax your guests and start a conversation. We suggest creating a meeting or party with a couple of holiday questions.

Here’s the list of St. Patrick’s Day icebreaker questions:

🍀 What would you do if you got a pot of gold?
☘️ What is the happiest thing that has ever happened to you?
🍀 What is your lucky amulet?
☘️ Do you believe in leprechauns? Why or why not?
🍀 What’s your funniest St. Paddy’s Day story?
☘️ Have you ever been to Ireland? Would you like to visit?
🍀 What is the nearest green object? 

St. Patrick’s Day virtual treasure hunt

The scavenger hunt attracts an online audience by getting players up and running. To organize an online scavenger hunt, ask participants to search for particular items in their apartments. The player who first finds the item and shows it on the screen receives points for themselves and their team.

We’ve made a St. Patrick’s scavenger hunt template with items to search for in your game:

  • Nearest green object
  • Golden coin
  • Potato
  • Flowerpot with green plant

Virtual cooking class with Irish food

Food is an important part of any holiday, and there are many tasty treats on St. Patrick’s Day. Online cooking courses and cooking classes are a great way to share a meal with your closest friends or co-workers. 

Just meet at the Party.Space pub and cook a meal together. Here are some cooking tips for virtual St. Patrick’s Day:

  • Corned beef and cabbage
  • Shepherd’s pie
  • Soda bread

After dinner, you can also go down the path and make a green dessert or sweet that includes chocolate with Irish cream liqueur or whiskey.

Irish fairy tale

Ireland is famous for its folklore. A great opportunity to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is to read Irish fables while meeting in a virtual space decorated accordingly.

To make the story more interactive, ask participants to illustrate their stories on the digital whiteboard.

Virtual Saint Patrick’s Day parade

Parades are one of the main elements of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Some people may not be able to attend the event in person, but luckily there is Party.Space.

You can gather a group and watch together. You can have your own parade by decorating different parts of your house and then sending other participants on tour. 

The luckiest leprechaun

The Luckiest Leprechaun is an activity almost like the popular Never Have I Ever game. All participants start the game by raising a finger for each true statement that said about them. The one who first gets to ten will be the luckiest leprechaun, the winner of the game.

Here are a bunch of questions you might find useful for this game:

  • Won the lottery
  • Won the contest
  • Won the game
  • Found money on the sidewalk
  • Found money in a pocket
  • Found a four-leaf clover
  • Found the item you lost
  • Saw a falling star
  • Ran into someone you knew in another city in our country
  • All traffic lights were green while driving
  • A stranger person paid for your snack or drink
  • Got an extra piece of food in the package
  • Got a chance to obtain the best room in the hotel
  • Saw a famous actor in public
  • Bought the last ticket to the event
  • Bought the last item in stock

Beer or whiskey tasting

St. Patrick’s Day is a drinking holiday. Because historically, Christians have been allowed to waive fasting alcohol restrictions for one day to celebrate the holiday. That’s why today you can host an online beer or whiskey tasting at your Patrick’s Day party.

Meet in a virtual bar and taste various drinks together. You can either invite an expert to lead a tasting tour, take a look at the online tutorial, or just have a drink and share your experience. 

Be sure to send participants a list of drinks to purchase and cover the cost of the purchase if you feel generous.

Support the green costumes

St. Paddy’s Day won’t be complete without lots of greenery. While you may not be able to pinch online guests for not wearing this color, you should still encourage visitors to wear appropriate clothing. You can even host a costume contest and award a prize to the participant with the coolest green outfit.

Learn to dance like an Irish

Another excellent way to immerse yourself in Irish culture and try something new is to learn Irish dancing. Try a jig or traditional step dance by watching an online video or taking a virtual class with your team.

Wrapping up

St. Patrick’s Day is a worldly holiday that encourages people to gather for parades, parties, and drinking in the pub. If your friends, family, or colleagues are far away, St. Paddy Activities on Party.Space can bring your people together for warm communication and pure fun. A holiday is just what you need to lift your spirits at the end of winter, and a virtual celebration can lift your spirits and drive away loneliness.


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Published Mar 2, 2022

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