Party.Space launches Townhall Space for corporate metaverse events

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Party.Space launches Townhall Space for corporate metaverse events

The Townhall Space platform specializes in hosting corporate events in the metaverse while Party.Space focuses on entertainment, such as virtual parties and informal gatherings.

With COVID-19 in the rearview mirror and a recession on the horizon, the conditions for mass layoffs have made themselves real for both small and large enterprises. As a result, the working relationship between employees and management is destabilizing. This atmosphere has made online and offline parties an unpopular format for collaborating and networking.

That’s why Party.Space, a Ukrainian-born metaverse platform, decided to create Townhall Space for corporate online events. Townhall Space is a virtual 3D space for employees to interact and cooperate.

Townhall Space introduction

Companies can organize town hall and all-hands meetings, team buildings, conferences, and more in this immersive virtual environment. In such a way, they create channels for active communication with employees, customers, and partners without increasing costs that would have been spent on offline activities.

Yurii Filipchuk, CEO and co-founder of Party.Space

Launching the Townhall Space brand was a logical development step for our company. It’s been a while since we first entered the virtual events market. Now we have accumulated enough expertise for different metaverse experiences.
Having a separate corporate brand powered by Party.Space will ease communications with our enterprise clients. It will also strengthen our position in the B2B events market, allowing us to step out of the party arena that Party.Space is associated with.

shared Yurii Filipchuk, CEO and co-founder of Party.Space

Townhall Space works in the most popular browsers without needing expensive accessories like VR headsets or additional software on a laptop or mobile phone. The metaverse platform has an accessible interface and is easy to navigate. Read more about the metaverse possibilities and challenges here.

The Townhall Space team also provides clients full support before and during an event, assisting with participant coordination and creating a personalized virtual space.

Townhall Space has ready-made templates for different occasions in the metaverse. Every virtual space is easy to adjust to a particular request, so there is an opportunity to create event experiences for audiences of 50, 200, or over 1,000 guests.

Contact the Townhall Space team for more information about corporate events in the metaverse by following this link.

Published Jan 27, 2023

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