July 4th in the Metaverse: Ideas, Games & Activities for 2022

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July 4th in the Metaverse: Ideas, Games & Activities for 2022

July 4th is one of America’s favorite holidays. Independence Day is typically celebrated with parades, barbecues, and fireworks. And with the popularity of remote parties exploding, July 4 is no exception. Check out our 23 virtual July 4th ideas that will ensure your friends, or colleagues that live far away can celebrate the day with you as it happens.

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Fourth of July metaverse events

Customize your metaverse venue

How to create a holiday atmosphere when you can’t meet friends and colleagues at a barbecue or party? Virtual meetings are already a common part of our lives but most meeting tools lack the proper features to create a festive atmosphere.

One of the best ways to virtually celebrate the 4th of July with your colleagues is to gather them in a metaverse. Metaverses allow users to create and enjoy a truly festive atmosphere with holiday backgrounds, thematic elements, banners, and so on.

Now you can create your own custom-tailored virtual world, dedicated to July 4, where your friends or colleagues will meet, chat, and play games. A metaverse delivers far more immersion and possibilities than apps like Zoom or Google Meets which are deeply associated with daily work.

Play Independence Day Quiz in the metaverse

Virtual trivia is a specific type of game played online where competitors are asked a variety of different questions dedicated to one specific topic. A virtual trivia game is like a quiz with easy facts and questions that you can play in the metaverse.

Some examples of Independence Day Trivia questions are:

– When does the United States of America commemorate its independence?
On the fourth of July 1776.

– What is the significance of July 4th?
‍Freedom for the USA from the rule of King George III

-What do the 13 stripes on the flag indicate?
13 colonies

– Who was the first President after the United States declared Independence?
George Washington

With the Party.Space metaverse, you can host and enjoy Independence Day trivia games in virtual 3D spaces with teams consisting of just ten players or up to thousands of people.

Fourth of July Fireworks in Metaverse

‍Fireworks accompany a variety of different holidays. They are an indispensable part of July 4. However, it may seem like it is impossible to incorporate fireworks into an online celebration. But this isn’t true.

One of the best ways to include fireworks in your online celebration is to live stream outdoor fireworks displays. Another way, which is easier and better for larger online gatherings, is to feature digital fireworks in your virtual party room (or virtual garden) in the metaverse.

Online Beach Party

Independence Day is a summer holiday and you can create a simple festive atmosphere by organizing a virtual beach party. With metaverse platforms, almost all you need to check a tropical background that you can use as your backdrop during the party.

4-th July Beach Party im the Metaverse

However, metaverse spaces allow you to have a beach venue where all the participants (in the form of their avatars) can walk around, have cocktails at the beach bar, dance, and much more. The participants’ avatars can also change their appearance by wearing swimsuits and sunglasses.

NFT Virtual Auction

A virtual auction is a kind of real auction, but held online, using the capabilities of the internet and virtual spaces. Having a virtual auction is a creative way to get people together on July 4.

During this type of auction, people can sell and buy NFTs which are specifically dedicated to the holiday theme. The purpose of the event can also be thematic. For example, you can collect money for supporting people in need, for orphanages, protecting rare animals and birds in the US, and so on. Charitable NFT virtual auctions are gaining momentum.

Virtual Road Trip

The United States is a large and culturally diverse country. It takes about 45 hours, or six 8-hour days, to drive coast-to-coast. Celebrating Independence Day remotely allows you to do this in a few hours!

You can take a virtual tour of famous historical sights, parks, nature reserves, and more. In order to make everything as organized as possible, plan your destinations.

Here are a few possible examples:

  • The Grand Canyon
  • Death Valley
  • Mount Rushmore
  • The White House
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Statue of Liberty

However, you may prefer to focus on something more specific, choosing to travel around specific museums, battlefields, concert halls, etc. It depends on the interests of those who will be attending your virtual party.

You can organize your travel by booking a guide who will share pictures and videos within a virtual space and comment on them with interesting facts about each place.

Care Packages

Every party is better when gifts are included. Sending care packages helps to add some physical interaction for each attendee and raise spirits. Here are some ideas for July 4 care packages:

  • Mini flags and pins
  • Stickers
  • Snacks
  • Sketchpads
  • Bottles of sauces
  • Baseball caps
  • T-shirts

You can also ship fireworks so that every party visitor has the ability to set them off during your virtual party’s pyrotechnic display.

Snack boxes

Food is one more indispensable part of every celebration (good celebration) and for an online party, it is just as important as for an offline one. And we don’t mean eating imaginary dishes. Instead, organizers can order snack boxes with specific snacks for each virtual July 4 party attendee.

Companies like Snackmagic let people pick which snacks they get. Whether you’re sending snacks to one person or 100,000, everyone gets to build their own box from a menu of 2000+ unique options. Or you can choose an option of pre-curated themed boxes, organized specifically for a holiday.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is a game typically played in an outdoor area in which participants have to collect a number of different objects.

A digital Scavenger Hunt is similar to an offline one. The only difference is that players have to show what they found on-screen to other players. The idea is that the organizer names one item at a time and people start to search for this item in their houses or offices (depending on where they are). The first player who shows the item on screen gets the points.

Remote Happy Hours

Remote happy hours are one of the simplest yet best ways to celebrate Independence Day. Friends, families, and coworkers can all gather in a virtual space to chat, play games, and even mix up holiday cocktails. There’s no specific program, just an hour of a light and relaxed atmosphere with your loved ones.

Patriotic Playlist

What delivers the holiday spirit better than music? That’s why we recommend creating a July 4th playlist with patriotic tunes. It can include various songs, from God Bless America and army marches, to pop hits like Katy Perry’s Firework and Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen.

You can easily find the necessary playlist on YouTube or spend some time creating your own.

Virtual July 4th activities and games

Ice-breaking questions: Fourth of July

One of the best to get a party started is to ask some icebreaker questions to attendees. Your questions can vary but for July 4 it’s definitely better to compose them around the holiday itself.

Here are some Fourth of July icebreakers:

  1. What is your favorite national dish?
  2. What do you love most about America?
  3. What does freedom mean to you?
  4. What’s the one thing you would change in America?
  5. Which animal could be a new national animal for the US?
  6. Do you have any specific traditions related to July 4th?
  7. Which new law should be followed in the US?

Virtual Music Bingo

Virtual Music Bingo is played just like regular bingo with the only difference being that players have to guess songs.

The game is simple: participants listen to the songs and cross out the artists in their bingo form. There are no difficult questions. Only songs and a lot of fun. A July 4 playlist for Music Bingo may include patriotic songs and hits popular all across the US.

In order to organize online Music Bingo, you can send participants Bingo cards and play songs. Or, you can use a digital Bingo card form where each of the participants will be able to see the card and mark the songs on their computer screen. This way works even better when played in a metaverse space.

State capital quizzes

State capital quizzes test your metaverse party attendees’ knowledge of capital cities. You can organize it remotely for Independence Day by gathering attendees in a metaverse venue and having a host who will ask the questions. Participants can just raise their hands to answer, or better, write the answer in mutual chat. Whoever answers first gets the points.

Virtual Mixology

Mixology is a great way to bring your employees, family, or friends together on July 4 and fully engage them in the celebration.

First of all, decide which cocktails you want to make at your party. Drinks can be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. If you’re considering hiring professional bartenders, ask them which cocktails are easier to make at home.

With the help of companies like Snackmagic, you can easily organize boxes with the necessary ingredients for the cocktails that will be shipped to all the participants.
Once the virtual mixology party activities are over, you can drink together and share your thoughts on the results.

Only in America

Only in America is a twist on true or false during which players should guess whether the statement applies only to America or also describes a particular phenomenon abroad.
Here are some examples:

  • Only in America…can you order a KFC Double Down sandwich. (This is false. You can order the sandwich in Europe.)
  • Only in America….can you visit Santa Claus 365 days a year. (And this is true. There are even towns called Santa Claus in Indiana and Georgia.)

The game is perfectly suitable for playing in a metaverse space.

Flag Guessing Game

This is not a game to guess the American flag as it is instantly recognizable. However, how many people are able to recognize state flags? This Independence Day, try to play the Flag Guessing game virtually. Create a presentation with a list of different state flags. During the event, show a slide show, and the first player to call out the state or type the answer into the chat wins points for themselves or their teams.

Fourth of July This or That

This or That is a game in which players have to choose between two similar options. This is a nice game to play while waiting for the main program. Here are some examples of Independence Day This or That questions to ask guests:

  • Stars or stripes?
  • Red or blue?
  • Hot dogs or hamburgers?
  • Ketchup or mustard?
  • Baseball or football?
  • Fireworks or parades?
  • Travel or stay home?

Independence Day Party Ideas in Metaverse

Create Your Own Red, White, and Blue Decorations

Red, white, and blue are the traditional colors of Independence Day. It goes without saying that decorations using these colors are an indispensable part of the July 4 celebrations. Hosting a master class on crafting decorations in traditional holiday colors can be an engaging Independence Day virtual party idea. It is better to invite a professional crafter who will explain and show how to create red, white, and blue garlands, ribbon pinwheels, sun catchers, and so on.

All the attendees will be able to decorate their houses with these crafts to get in the holiday spirit.

Fourth of July Fireworks in Metaverse

Online Movie Marathon

Watching patriotic movies together is possible even from a distance. You can sync videos on various streaming platforms and add group text or video chat features so that all the attendees can discuss what’s happening during the film. There is a range of films you can choose from: Yankee Doodle Dandy, Independence Day, An American Tale, and so on.

And of course, don’t forget about snacks. Order snacks from Snackmagic in advance so that your virtual party guests get goodies at home right in time for the movie marathon!

Holiday Costume Contest

Who said that costume contests are only for virtual Halloween party? Ask your July 4 virtual party guests to dress up according to the holiday. Costumes can range from patriotic symbols and historical figures from the history of the US to Captain America, NASA astronauts, and so on.

Attendees should show off their outfits during the virtual party. For those who don’t have the ability or desire to dress like this, they can simply dress up their avatars in the metaverse.

Add a survey poll at the end of the party so that participants can choose whose outfit they liked best.

Independence Day Remote Barbecue

It is almost impossible to imagine a July 4 celebration without traditional barbeques in a garden. But how to organize it online?

Invite a professional cook or ask one of your guests who are good at cooking to make a barbeque masterclass. Again, you can order boxes with the necessary ingredients from Snackmagic so that all of the participants have everything they need before they start. In this case, your guests will be able to learn some barbecue secrets while enjoying fresh air and sunshine during the virtual party. After the cooking part, everyone can taste the dishes and share their thoughts.


Adding more songs to your virtual July 4th party is never a bad idea. Folks have celebrated America through song for many years. Choose songs praising the nation and hold a virtual Amerikaraoke.

Combine a list of patriotic lyric karaoke videos to show during the party. For some songs, attendees can simply queue up patriotic lyric karaoke videos and then share their screen. Guests can take turns singing the lyrics or join groups to sing the chorus together. For more inspiration, check out our virtual costume contest guide.

In conclusion

Independence Day not only commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the birth of America, but it unites US citizens in a celebration of the nation. And this kind of celebration is impossible without friends, relatives, and colleagues gathering together. Even remotely.

A Party.Space metaverse space allows you to host stunning online team parties and celebrations with built-in games and activities, customized venues, and chats to enjoy a completely immersive virtual experience on July 4.

Published Jun 15, 2022

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