How to Host a Successful Product Launch in the Metaverse

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How to Host a Successful Product Launch in the Metaverse

The pandemic has brought changes to the hasteles workdays of companies of all sizes. However, the transition to remote work has already brought noticeable benefits. People have more time for themselves and their hobbies. And companies are already mastering the comprehensive online workflow.

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Now more and more people prefer online leisure and the choice is constantly growing. Science conferences, technology trade shows, and even product launches are now fully online.

However, not everything is as simple as it seems. After all, although a virtual product launch event in the metaverse cuts off most of the offline problems, it brings other difficulties instead. With so many new workflow variables, event organizers need to take specific steps to bridge the gap between their company and its audience seamlessly.

As proof, Apple’s online product launch videos attract over 28 million viewers, it’s even more than before the lockdown. Instead of the usual storytelling, the organizers get people from location to location. This keeps the audience from getting bored and keeps them focused.

Importance of the Virtual Product Launches

metaverse launch event

A product launch signifies reaching a new product’s market stage. And this is the very moment when you have a chance to win the heart of the buyer.

To make a launch breath-taking try to:

  • inform potential buyers
  • generate interest in a new product
  • increase company awareness
  • build audience loyalty
  • make quick initial sales

Your task is to attract attention and interest the client even before your product goes on sale. This is the main goal of launching the product.

How to Organize a Virtual Launch Party in Metaverse

To plan an event in metaverse more than just a dry and long report about your new product, we recommend sticking to the following tips:

1. Make it immersive

Flat slides will make your event look like a student lecture. Even tempting pictures and vivid video clips are unlikely to help fix the situation. In order to create a wow effect, you need total immersion.

The Metaverse will create a 3D space where potential buyers will walk right next to you, admiring the full picture of your product. You can interact with any avatar while other speakers are speaking in different rooms.

Party.Space provides everything you need for an engaging and successful product launch in the metaverse — ticketing and registration, limitless event rooms, an expo hall, chatrooms and messaging for networking, and much more.

2. Promote your virtual product launch online

For any event, active advertising is the key to high attendance. If you are hosting a metaverse product launch, you need to promote your event with a comprehensive targeted campaign that includes:

  • Finding your target audience
  • Tailoring your marketing campaigns to them
  • Sending campaigns through digital channels such as email and newsfeeds

Get the most out of your social media. But instead of sharing the whole information at once, reveal a drop of facts from day to day. It’ll intrigue your fans a little and push them to register. Ensure that you leave a registration link in each of your publications.

online product launch event

When your event is a week or two away, send invitations by email and offer a registration link. Make it more convenient for people to attend by offering them the option to add the event to their calendars.

Note that most people who sign up for an event soon forget about it. Therefore, it is important to send out reminders. At a minimum, reminders should go out the day before the event, with the final reminder going out an hour before the event commences.

3. Help visitors experience the product

During in-person events, attendees want to experience the many, if not all, of your product’s possibilities. Beyond a presentation, this experience is much easier to deliver with a metaverse event.

Launching a new software tool can set up a booth to test it in your virtual lobby. Make several key modules available or show off the main interface. Create a simulation of your product or a video of it in action to give attendees an understanding of how it functions.

In the metaverse, products can be also placed at different locations and are viewable via a 3D walkthrough. Create 3D objects of your own or add your favorite NFTs to sell or baffle them off among attendees. This will allow you to attract more audience to the event, as well as increase the level of engagement at the event itself.

4. Add engagement

Do not forget that the engagement in online parties is very weak if you do not put effort into it. Games are the surest way to move the team. Quizzes and ice breakers, board games and trivia are suitable for any party. You can choose activities for a company of up to 10 people, as well as for a huge crowd.

Throw in some competitive spirit with prizes for the winners. Your online product launch event attendees will be fully engaged in your event. You can think of individual or team competitions using different types of fun mechanics.

Party.Space can provide interactive 3D assets, emoji guns, and built-in games. Use the pre-made list of quiz questions or create your own.

Virtual product launch event ideas with Party.Space: The TripStax Case

In 2022, the travel tech platform TripStax launched their new product. Their Tech Eco-system product was about to hit the market and surprise the Business Travel Management industry with a new tool. However, before the beginning of sales processes, on March 29, the company together with the help of Party.Space hosted the Metaverse event.

Brand awareness is an essential topic for every business, anf TripStax isn’t an exception. Therefore, the goal was to create a custom space, where each and every detail is strongly associated with the company. The metaverse dressed up into TripStax’s corporate colors.

Since metaverse parties are new for many, it was necessary to leave instructions everywhere that helped attendees understand how this event works and quickly find the right room. But sticking to the main idea, instructions were with the logo and colors of TripStax too.

metaverse launch event

Naturally, a product launch cannot happen without a speech from the CEO. But even in this case, the virtual party stands out from the traditional ones. In addition to the opening speech, TripStax’s CEO put on a real quiz. After that, other activities kicked off and all guests could take part in.

Using the simple and easy-to-access virtual product launch platform Party.Space, visitors from more than 100 countries took part in the event. It does not matter where your potential customers may be, in the USA, India or Europe. After all, thanks to the online solution, you can meet them at parties and talk about anything.

In Conclusion

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the demand for metaverse events has surged, mainly due to travel restrictions and the growing capabilities of tools to ensure a higher level of online engagement. A number of young metaverse event startups entered the market just before the COVID-19 crisis, leading to rapid adoption and fast growth.

Having your corporate party, team building, or product launch moved online helps you not only to save time and money but also expand the influence of your company. People from all over the world can now become your attendees, colleagues, and partners.

Don’t hesitate to broaden your possibilities with 3D virtual spaces. Contact us to start your metaverse experience!


How do you celebrate a product launch virtually?

Since companies have gone remote, many have had some trouble launching new products. Going into online performances, they make the same mistake over and over trying to make a remote event look like an offline launch.
However, now there is a better solution. With a metaverse launch, you can provide your visitors with a much more meaningful experience.
An immersive online event will help you create a 3D model of your product that the user can zoom and take a closer look at. In addition, you can also add all the necessary information to your online party. This way you can easily inform potential buyers, generate interest in a new product, and maybe even make quick initial sales.

What is virtual product launch?

A metaverse launch event is an online event in the metaverse where potential buyers can learn more about a product and view it without even physically touching it. At the same time, the product developer can find common ground with customers and get to know their target audience better. The space of the metaverse allows you to include an unlimited number of people and create a variety of rooms.
In order to visit a virtual launch, a potential buyer does not even need to leave home. With just a couple of clicks, they can enter the showroom, find out everything that interests them, and even buy a product.

What is product launch event?

Whenever a company creates a new product, it must present it to the community in its entirety. A new product launch is an opportunity for a company to get in touch with its customers. Any successful launch should inform potential buyers, generate interest in a new product, increase company awareness and increase audience loyalty. Now we have two options for launching the product: offline or virtually. Virtual launch events are cheaper, easy to put together, and can be more interactive than offline.

Published May 31, 2022

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