How to Host a Successful Product Launch in the Metaverse

How to Host a Successful Product Launch in the Metaverse

Companies that transitioned to partial or entirely remote working conditions were also able to cut costs and reclaim hours of employee resources for organizing and hosting various events. It also made life easier for employees who, for whatever reason, could not attend in person to participate in these events.

Exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, career fairs, and product launches — all moved online in the past couple of years. However, despite the fact that a virtual product launch in the metaverse helps to avoid many offline problems, it introduces some new challenges. For example, staring into a camera instead of a crowded hall of people while your audience is sitting at home in front of their computer screens. With so many new workflow variables, event organizers need to take specific steps to seamlessly bridge the gap between their company and its audience. 

How to Organize a Product Launch in Metaverse

A product launch signifies reaching the stage of a new product going to market. Right at this point is when consumers need convincing of why they need it.
In internet marketing, a launch is necessary in order to:

  • inform potential buyers,
  • generate interest in a new product,
  • increase company awareness,
  • build audience loyalty,
  • make quick initial sales.

Thus, a product launch is a strategy for attracting maximum attention to the product upon introduction to the market even before it is on sale to ensure demand for the product the moment it becomes available to consumers.

To make a product launch in metaverse more than just a dry and long report about your new product, we recommend sticking to the following tips:

1. Make it immersive

It is almost impossible for organizers to hold the attention of attendees during an online presentation if the only thing viewers see is a screen with a PowerPoint presentation on it, no matter how fancy the graphics are. Party.Space solves this problem by providing companies with 3D-themed virtual spaces, placing every attendee at the event’s center. Visitors are there as avatars and are able to go into different rooms and communicate with each other while watching presentations and listening to speakers. 

Party.Space provides everything you need for an engaging and successful product launch in the metaverse — ticketing and registration, limitless event rooms, an expo hall, chatrooms and messaging for networking, and much more.

2. Promote your virtual product launch online

For any event, active advertising is the key to high attendance. If you are hosting a product launch in metaverse, you need to promote your event with a comprehensive targeted campaign that includes:

  • Finding your target audience
  • Tailoring your marketing campaigns to them
  • Sending campaigns through digital channels such as email and newsfeeds

The second channel you need to target is social media. Place ads on all your social networks a month or even two months before the event. Then, little by little, reveal the details of the event and invite users to register by linking to your event’s homepage.

When your event is a week or two away, send invitations by email and offer a registration link. Make it more convenient for people to attend by offering them the option to add the event to their calendars.

Note that most people who sign up for an event soon forget about it. Therefore, it is important to send out reminders. At minimum, reminders should go out the day before the event with the final reminder going out an hour before the event commences.

3. Help visitors experience the product

During in-person events, attendees want to get a firsthand experience of the many, if not all of your product’s possibilities. Beyond a presentation, this experience is much easier to deliver with a metaverse event. 

When launching a new software tool, you can set up a booth to test it in your virtual lobby. Make several key modules available or show off the main interface. Create a simulation of your product or a video of it in action to give attendees an understanding of how it functions.

In the metaverse, products can be also placed at different locations and are viewable via a 3D walkthrough. 

4. Add some games

Yes, games help to boost engagement even during product launches in the metaverse. You can choose ice-breaker games or quizzes for attendees to get to know each other and learn more about the product and company. For example, Party.Space offers games for teams consisting of just ten colleagues or up to thousands of people.

Add some competitive spirit with prizes for winners and your virtual product launch attendees will be completely engaged during your event.

How to Organize a Product Launch in the Metaverse: The TripStax Case

TripStax is a platform that offers travel tech tools for travel management. In the Spring of 2022, the TripStax team launched their Tech Eco-System for Business Travel Management companies. On March 29th, the company officially presented the product. It was a virtual launch event hosted in their own Metaverse by Party.Space. 

In order to make the event as engaging as possible, Party.Space started by creating a custom metaverse with a rooftop space branded with TripStax’s corporate colors and logo. Posters with branding and brief instructions were placed all over the metaverse to ease navigation for guests and inform them of the event’s activities. 

The welcoming video and presentation from TripStax’s CEO was the central occasion of the product launch. After the opening address, guests participated in various activities. TripStax’s CEO prepared a special quiz for the team. During the event, guests enjoyed communicating, playing different board games, and listening to music.

More than 100 attendees from different countries such as the UK, the US, India, Sweden, and Germany were able to join the virtual space and celebrate the company’s success.  The participants especially enjoyed Party.Space’s easy-to-use platform due to its availability to users from all over the world.

In Conclusion

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the demand for metaverse events has surged, mainly due to travel restrictions and the growing capabilities of tools to ensure a higher level of online engagement. A number of young metaverse event startups entered the market just before the COVID-19 crisis, leading to rapid adoption and fast growth.

Having your corporate party, team building, or product launch moved online helps you not only to save time and money but also expand the influence of your company. People from all over the world can now become your attendees, colleagues, and partners.

Don’t hesitate to broaden your possibilities with 3D virtual spaces. Contact us to start your metaverse experience! 

Have you visited our metaverse party recently? Feel free to write a review of Party.Space on G2 using the link and G2 will donate to Razom for Ukraine, a Ukrainian non-profit organization.

Published May 31, 2022

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