7 Best Virtual Easter Party Ideas, Games & Activities for 2023

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7 Best Virtual Easter Party Ideas, Games & Activities for 2023

Easter is one of the most celebrated religious holidays. The date of Catholic Easter comes a little earlier than the Orthodox by exactly one week. In 2023, Easter falls on April 9th. The difference in dates arose because the Orthodox celebrate according to the Julian calendar, and the Catholics - according to the Gregorian. 

Over the past couple of years, we’ve gotten way too comfortable with the fact that almost every get-together has moved into an online or virtual format, and Easter is no exception. And you can find a lot of fun online, from baking workshops to hunting for chocolate eggs and hares. 

Let’s dive a bit deeper into virtual Easter activities that you can enjoy with your colleagues.

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What is a virtual Easter?

Virtual Easter is a way to celebrate the holiday with your colleagues or friends without requiring their presence in person. Instead, people can meet online via different virtual party platforms and services, for example, in virtual party room, that make it possible to have conversations and enjoy activities together.

Virtual Easter parties are online celebrations that can be held via video call. These events may include games, activities, and challenges related to Easter egg hunts, rabbits, and other thematic elements. The purpose of these parties is to bring communities together, increase engagement, and celebrate spring. You can choose to host a virtual Easter party for remote offices, family members, or children. 

Virtual Easter parties are a subset of virtual celebration ideas and Easter team building, and an example of a virtual holiday event.

How to host a virtual Easter party

In order to hold a virtual Easter in a truly engaging and fun way, it is critical to have the best venue possible that is fitting for the occasion. Choosing the right virtual space or online party room that has the necessary features to organize a high-quality online party is key.

After that, don’t forget about proper timing. Set a time that works for all the possible attendees and ask them to confirm their presence at the metaverse party. 

And last but not least, another important point is to decide on the activities that people will participate in together during the virtual easter party. These should be special games that work well in the virtual space and that every participant, no matter their age, will find interesting. 

Virtual Easter activities for everyone

1. Easter icebreaker questions

Asking and answering questions may greatly help attendees get more acquainted with each other. Assuming they’re appropriate, icebreakers are one of the best virtual easter activities for work and team building.

Some Easter icebreaker questions can include:

  • Which do you eat first on a chocolate bunny, ears or feet?
  • How old were you when you found out the Easter bunny wasn’t real?
  • Where would you hide an Easter egg to ensure no one could find it?

2. Decorating Eggs

Decorating eggs is a traditional Easter activity. To adapt it for a virtual party, you will need to prepare some examples of decorated eggs, and share a screen with these examples that include some instructions on how to do everything the right way. It would be even better to invite a professional egg decorator who will share their knowledge and experience with every attendee.

3. Chubby Bunny

This is a perfect game for Easter. Whether it is played virtually or in person, both are played the same way. Each participant has to place a marshmallow into their mouth and say “chubby bunny.” Every round, a participant has to add one more marshmallow and say this phrase again. When a player can’t do this, they are out. The game continues until one player remains.

4. Virtual Easter egg hunt

This is one of the most popular activities for Easter. And it is easily played online. Just hide eggs in a specific area of a virtual party room and take a photo. After that, share the photo with guests so that they can analyze it and mark any eggs they find. 

Ask other attendees to come with their pictures as well. 

5. Bunny hop workout

It’s never bad to include some online exercises at a party, even if they are played virtually. Bunny hop workout is a game in which every action participants perform corresponds to an Easter animal. 

The instructor says: “Hop like a bunny,” “Swim like a duck,” or “Lay like a lamb.” 

Attendees follow the instructions and perform the action until the organizer says a new request. 

6. Holiday meal cooking

Despite the fact that Easter recipes are not as popular as Thanksgiving or Christmas ones, they are still a great way to bring people together. Holding a virtual Easter competition around cooking helps to introduce new and interesting recipes that reveal your inner chef. 

There are different ways of executing this type of activity virtually. You can send participants boxes with ingredients that they should use for different dishes. Or ask the participants to attend the party with their recipes and demonstrate how they made them. 

7. Virtual Easter cocktail mixology

Easter cocktail possibilities are almost endless. Send your virtual party attendees a list of mixed drinks like lavender lemonade, chocolate egg martinis, strawberry mimosas, and so on. Prepare drinks and try them all together, that’s why virtual mixology can be one of the best variant for your Easter virtual party.

In Conclusion

Easter celebrations should not be canceled just because we are stuck at home or physically unable to be with our loved ones. Try to make the most of the holiday and bring some joy and laughter to your friends, communities and colleagues.

You have many different tools at your disposal that you can use to gather everyone together. Communicating and having fun even at a virtual table makes for a great Easter gift that anyone can attend.

Published Apr 6, 2022

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