11 Best Event Management Tools for Event Planners 2023

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11 Best Event Management Tools for Event Planners 2023

Companies were forced to find another way to host events other than in person, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, At this point, it’s safe to say that we’ve entered post-pandemic times when online and hybrid events have become the new norm and in-person events are slowly returning.

Luckily, we’ve gathered plenty of online event management tools that can come in handy when planning online, hybrid, or offline events. 35% of professional planners say that event technology has changed the way they do business. At least, that’s what a recent survey from Social Tables claims to be true. 

This article goes through the best event management tools for different occasions available on the market. These tools are nothing short of magic, from engaging attendees to rendering floor plans, but what’s more important is that they release you from enduring the burden of planning events on your own. 

However, before we dive deeper into the topic, let’s examine what makes a good event management tool stand out.

How to choose an event management tool?

The market offers numerous tools at your fingertips, these range from all-in-one solutions to niche-specific apps. No matter the reason you need an event management tool, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Look up reviews of those who already used the software. This way, you can eliminate the time you spend trying different apps and focus on those that people find helpful. 
  2. Pick an app that will help you collaborate and communicate with people, whether it’s your colleagues, merchants, or attendees.
  3. Choose an app that is easy to use because no matter how many cool features it has, it’s easier for your team to adopt an app with an intuitive interface.    

Down below, you can find a list of the best event management tools the market has to offer. Choose wisely by keeping your core event planning pain points in mind along with your primary goals. 

Momice is a piece of software that covers almost any requirement you might have as an event planner. Whether you want to register participants, build an event website, or go through some statistics, you can do all of it with the Momice app. While the price is in euros, you can still use it anywhere and at any time.

Bizzabo is another great tool that can cover most of the requirements you might have, from data collection to creating reports. The software allows you to create a dedicated event app that people can check out and attend the event of their choice.  

The name says it all. Party.Space is a virtual party website where you can host events for any occasion. Whether it’s a corporate event, conference, or a celebration of a company’s birthday, you can choose from many event theme rooms. Whatever crazy idea you have in mind, Party.Space has you covered.

Social Tables
Social Tables helps event planners visualize their venues, team up with people, and optimize sales. You can also create sophisticated diagrams to map out every event detail. Also, Social Tables is handy for managing notable clients and special requests.    

Originally, Monday was a project management tool that helped track team progress. However, you can also use it for event planning. For example, setting an event schedule or simply collaborating with teammates. Monday is packed with numerous valuable features. One of the most popular is built-in messaging which allows you to chat with your teammates within one task without losing any of your conversations.  

Oveit provides a closed-loop payment solution primarily for hosting celebrations and conventions. Whether you’re hosting a minor or VIP event, you might want to give this tool a shot. The good news is that the free version of Oveit allows up to 1,000 users, so it might be worth checking it out. 

If you’re looking for the most straightforward tool out there, you’ll want to check out GruupMeet. It manages the most complex event planning tasks and has unique features like two-way team texting. Anyone can use it online, so there is no need to create accounts. 

Ticketbud helps to set up white label ticketing and event planning. You can use this platform to create multiple one-time events or systematic ones. Ticketbud works well for both large and small events. 

Avochato takes most of the hassle off your shoulders. It’s a CRM that makes sending text messages with event updates easy. If you’re looking for a tool for a sales or marketing team, Avochato is the one you should consider. 

This is a great example of how a niche software can stand out from the crowd of event management tools. Brushfire is software for online event registration and ticketing that mainly serves churches and faith-based organizations. However, even if you’re not planning a hallelujah kind of party, you might want to check it out.

Attendify is a tool that helps with online registrations via mobile. If you’re looking for an app that allows for linking social network profiles to attendee profiles, Attendify might just be for you.  

Now you’re ready to choose the best event management tool

Hopefully, you’ve come across an event management tool that addresses your needs. Whether you need an all-in-one event management solution or a specific tool for a one-time event, consider trying one of the tools we listed above.

If you’re still hesitant to host offline events and are planning a casual team gathering, you may want to try Party.Space. It’s a virtual space where remote teams and online communities can reconnect. So if you’re planning an upcoming party, don’t hesitate to try it out! 

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Published Mar 28, 2022

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