101 This or That Questions – The Only List You’ll Ever Need

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101 This or That Questions – The Only List You’ll Ever Need

Whether you are going to throw a metaverse party or just looking for an easy and fun game to play with your friends and colleagues remotely, This or That is a fun way to get to know people better and pass the time. It's one of the simplest games you can play to break the ice during a remote party or meeting.

Since pioneering the world of metaverse parties, we’ve come up with a few tricks for adding some real-life vibes to your event and making it feel and look like what you have in mind.

At Party.Space, you just need to choose a metaverse space and come up with a list of activities for your metaverse event. There are tons of icebreaker games you can choose from. This or That is one of the most accessible games for starting a conversation at a party. Here's how to organize and play a game of This or That at your metaverse party.

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Every metaverse party needs an icebreakers to warm up the audience

What is “This or That”

This or That is an easy-to-play game that is suitable for any type of virtual event, from team-building meetings and birthday parties to annual company gatherings and product launches. While playing this game, you have to choose between two things that could be funny or even outrageous. And even if there is no option that appeals to you, you’ll still need to choose one.

The “This or That” game is similar to the “Would You Rather?” game, where you need to choose between two possible scenarios. By playing the game, your guests will get to know each other better. Moreover, it’s one of the best games to introduce newcomers to their teams since by answering tons of questions players can share their opinions and personalities with their team while having fun.

How to play “This or That”

  • Playing the game doesn’t require major preparations.
  • All you need is to compile a list with a few dozen of “either-or” questions with two options that are somewhat related to each other. For example, each option could be a type of sport or a type of drink.
  • Each player should take turns and ask one another different either-or questions. So Player A needs to ask Player B a question that Player B needs to answer.
  • Then, it’s Player B’s turn to ask Player C a different question, and so on.
  • There are no limits on how many players can take part in the game, but you need at least two of them.
  • Usually, the game lasts until there are no more questions left or players feel like stopping.

Here are some other rules that can make your game even more challenging:

  • Set a time frame. For example, give each player 5 seconds to answer the question, and if they fail to answer within the time limit, they’re out!
  • Ask a series of questions instead of one.
  • Divide people into teams. Then, each team has to choose one option within a set time frame, and if they don’t answer within that time frame, they lose a point.
  • Guess which option a player will choose and earn an extra point.

Any game of “This or That” can be played with a number of variations. There are no set rules apart from one – you need to answer all the questions. Drafting up a list of this-or-that icebreaker questions can be a real challenge, especially if you’re planning a metaverse event for a large group. We’ve analyzed all our games and compiled a list of 101 this or that questions to ease your preparations.

101 this or that questions for your metaverse party

Below is our starter list of questions that you can use while organizing your own “This or That” game. We’ve divided all the questions into six categories:

  • general,
  • hobbies,
  • food,
  • travel,
  • style and fashion,
  • family and home.


  1. Beach or skiing?
  2. Summer or winter?
  3. Fiction or drama?
  4. Pop or rock?
  5. Go back in time or go forward in time?
  6. Jacuzzi or swimming pool?
  7. Sort by rating or sort by price?
  8. Sauce on top or sauce on the side?
  9. Air drums or air guitar?
  10. Parking ticket or speeding ticket?
  11. Secret handshakes or passwords?
  12. Staycation or vacation?
  13. Rich and unknown or poor and famous?
  14. Driver or passenger?
  15. Bike or car?
  16. Plain or patterned?


  1. Football or soccer?
  2. Reading or writing?
  3. Netflix or Hulu?
  4. Dancing or singing?
  5. Movies or TV shows?
  6. Hiking or biking?
  7. Cats or dogs?
  8. Bowling or golf?
  9. Badminton or tennis?
  10. Gardening or fishing?
  11. Instagram or Tik-Tok?
  12. Writing in a diary or posting on Twitter?
  13. Knitting or sewing?
  14. Snowboarding or skiing?
  15. Sega or Nintendo?
  16. Board games or video games?


  1. Tea or coffee?
  2. Pepsi or Coke?
  3. Waffles or pancakes?
  4. Soup or salad?
  5. Savory or sweet?
  6. Vegetables or fruits?
  7. Sandwich or salad?
  8. White wine or red wine?
  9. Drip coffee or espresso?
  10. Hot dog or buffalo wings?
  11. Iced coffee or hot coffee?
  12. Milkshake or juice?
  13. Skittles or M&Ms?
  14. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
  15. Baked potatoes or french fries?
  16. Meat pizza or cheese pizza?
  17. Hard or soft tacos?
  18. Cheesburger or hamburger?
  19. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream?
  20. No dessert or dessert?
  21. Donut or cookie?
  22. Sausage or bacon?
  23. Bread or rice?


  1. London or New York?
  2. Plane or car?
  3. Bus or subway?
  4. Mexico or Canada?
  5. Hotel or Airbnb?
  6. Bring a suitcase or bring a backpack?
  7. Overnight trip or day trip?
  8. History museum or art museum?
  9. Theatre or movie theatre?
  10. Restaurant or take-away?
  11. Musical or play?
  12. Planned trip or spontaneous trip?
  13. Team travel or travel alone?
  14. Videos or photos?
  15. Postcards or souvenirs?
  16. Holidays or weekends?

Style and Fashion

  1. In-store shopping or online?
  2. LV or Gucci?
  3. Flats or high heels?
  4. Briefs or boxers?
  5. Shorts or pants?
  6. Jeans or skirts?
  7. Tux or suit?
  8. Sweater or T-shirt?
  9. Necklace or rings?
  10. Skirt or dress?
  11. Bracelet or watch?
  12. Curly hair or straight hair?

Family and Home

  1. Flat or house?
  2. Urban or rural?
  3. Hardwood floor or carpet?
  4. Shower or bath?
  5. Front yard or backyard?
  6. Oven or microwave?
  7. Bed or sofa?
  8. Attic or basement?
  9. Mop or vacuum?
  10. Clean the kitchen or clean the bathroom?
  11. SUV or sedan?
  12. Vegetable garden or lawn?
  13. Dusty floor or dirty dishes?
  14. Weeding the garden or mowing the yard?
  15. Dishes or laundry?
  16. Vacuuming or sweeping?
  17. Paper towel or sponge?
  18. Toilet paper under or over?

How to organize “This or That” game in metaverse with Party.Space

Throwing metaverse parties with Party.Space allows you to level up your remote gatherings. With next-gen tools and technologies, you can use the platform to recreate real-club vibes and fully immerse attendees in a metaverse experience. All you need is access to an internet connection. There is no need to follow a dress code or spend hours commuting to some event venue – Party. Space brings partying right to the screen of your laptop. Here’s how to organize your metaverse event with us:

1. Choose your event type

With Party.Space, there are no limits on the type of event you want to organize. Our platform can host any type of virtual event, including webinars, conferences, meetups, product launches, after parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, team-building meetings, and others.

2. Book a demo

Not sure what it means to throw a virtual event with Party.Space? You can contact us and schedule a free demo to find out more about organizing stunning metaverse events at Party.Space.

3. Choose your party space

At Party.Space, you can customize your 3D space using your company’s style or choose one of our listed spaces like a metaverse lounge, magic castle, unicorn space, and others. With a virtual space, you get all the tools you need to organize an online or hybrid event — registration and ticketing, networking, etc.

4. Prepare activities for your metaverse party night

There are dozens of activities you can use to enrich your metaverse party. DJ performances, icebreaker games, virtual mixology, company quizzes, online music bingo, and others. Start your party with a game of “This or That” to break the ice and start conversations before carrying on with a virtual mixology class.

5. Invite your guests

Don’t forget to send out invitations to your guests with all the vital information such as the date and time of your metaverse party and a link to the event. Consider sending out some snacks and drinks to your teammates for a more real-life atmosphere.

Summing up

Striking a conversation with teammates can seem difficult at first, especially when it’s a metaverse event. Instead of sharing awkward silence, try playing a game of “This or That” to break the ice and bond with others. With Party.Space, it’s easy to find a game to keep the conversation going.

Playing games doesn’t take much effort, and there isn’t much room for making mistakes. All your players have to do is get ready with funny, thought-provoking questions and wait for each other’s answers. Listen and explore the interests of teammates to get to know each other better and Party.Space will do the rest insofar as creating a friendly life-like atmosphere for your metaverse event.

Published May 23, 2022

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