10 Fresh Mixology Ideas For Your Remote Team’s Virtual Party

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10 Fresh Mixology Ideas For Your Remote Team’s Virtual Party
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Mixology is the skill of mixing various drinks and ingredients to create cocktails. Mixology is a great way to bring your employees together and understand their contributions while drinking cocktails.

Who would have guessed that tasting various drinks and cocktails could play a significant role in virtual team building? A productive team is like a well-prepared cocktail in which all the ingredients are correctly and harmoniously selected.

The event’s primary goal is to get together online in a relaxed atmosphere and, using a professional bartender and drinking cocktails, discuss your questions, debate plans for the future, play games, and have fun. Also it can be a great activity for your virtual NYE event or any other holiday party.

Four steps and one tip for hosting a memorable virtual mixology party

Organizing a virtual mixology party on your own is not that difficult. Here are five steps and one tip for doing it with almost zero hassle.

Step 1: Choose a Cocktail

Decide which cocktails you want to make at your Mixology party. Drinks can be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. If you’re considering hiring professional bartenders, ask them which cocktails are easier to make at home. 

Announce to all meeting participants what ingredients need to be prepared or order delivery for all necessary products to their homes in advance.

Step 2: Set the Stage/Scene

Since you are the organizer and moderator of the virtual meeting, your task is to create a festive atmosphere with decor. Determine the lighting, background music, and general ambiance.

Even though you are hosting your event online, decorations and branding are more important than ever. Especially if you use Party.Space, where each of your ideas can be implemented down to the smallest detail.

Step 3: Get Dressed

Having attendees change their attire will help set the mood for the party. Participants will be interested in looking the part. On the other hand, participants will have the opportunity to prepare and dress nicely on their own. So be sure they know that their dress attire won’t go unnoticed or unappreciated!

Step 4: Prepare the right snacks

Light and tasty snacks on your table are a great addition to any party. For example, if you are hosting a virtual wine tasting, be sure to select the right cheese. 

Choose the right snack for each drink. You can ask your party members to get the right snacks in advance or order delivery along with the cocktail ingredients you’ll be needing.

Tip: Enjoy your Virtual Mixology Party!

To make your cocktail party pure fun, prepare a couple of exciting virtual games for your participants.

Check our long list of virtual team building activities and get some ideas for your online cocktail party.

Types of Virtual Mixology Parties 

We have prepared the most exciting options for holding a Virtual Mixology Party that is sure to keep your attendees engaged. Keep everyone’s spirits high by designing the best cocktails for spending time together while enjoying pleasant conversation and meaningful experiences.

Mixology with Cocktail Kits

A Virtual Mixology Class is much easier to run if you send ready-made sets of all the necessary ingredients for mixing cocktails to the event participants in advance. Ask your group members what kind of cocktails they want to make. This way, you can determine the ingredients for the cocktail kit. When running a Master Class with a professional mixologist, consult with them beforehand. You can collect your own Cocktail Kit or order a ready-made one.

BYO Ingredients Mixology Class

Add your tastes to your cocktails. This virtual party develops creativity and allows participants to improvise. Participants bring their favorite ingredients and prepare cocktails as they wish. The master mixologist will then tell the class how to create a cocktail from their favorite products. Results may vary so be sure everyone is ready to experiment! 

Cocktail Class With A Mixologist

There is nothing better than learning from a professional. Invite professional bartenders and Mixols to teach you the most necessary mixologist skills.

In your Mixology Training Classes, you will learn to make some delicious cocktails. A professional Mixologist will guide you through the combination of different ingredients’ flavours and what drinks mix perfectly. You will master the right techniques for becoming a mixologist. 

Mocktail Icebreaker Before Meeting

There are numerous soft drinks available these days. Virtual parties and team buildings don’t have to be boring. Send cocktail kits to every meeting attendee and start your Virtual Mixology Party with this icebreaker. This team building activity is both valuable and enjoyable. All participants will relax in an informal environment, learn how to make one or two new cocktails, and finally enjoy a drink of their own making.

Plus, you can choose a drink based on the type of project your team is working on, the season of the year, or the current pop culture phenomenon.

Explore our blog for more online icebreaker games and activities for your team-building.

Casino Night

This virtual mixology party is an excellent opportunity to put on evening dresses for women and suits with a tie for men. You have a chance to create the atmosphere of an expensive casino. After making cocktails, participants can play casino games online (Party.Space can even provide you with the appropriate Vegas-like space). 

Enjoy blackjack over a glass of James Bond’s Vesper Martini cocktail. At this event, you don’t have to prepare cocktails but can immediately feel the atmosphere of Casino Royale. 

Checklist for a Successful Virtual Mixology Party

In the end, we want to tell you a few essential points that you should pay attention to when preparing a Virtual Mixology Party.


Prepare and send out invitations to everyone. Check with participants that they have received invitations.

Make sure that all participants have the best ingredients. Deliver cocktail kits to everyone in advance.

Bar Tools
You must provide all participants with the required tools: shakers, stirrers, and all of the works. Or at least let them know that they will need these in advance. 

Games & Activities
Any successful virtual mixology party should include games and activities. Tell your participants how they should prepare for the party ahead of time.

Wrapping up the event
Get feedback from people about the Virtual Mixology Party. Let your attendees know you will collect all their feedback to improve future parties.

Wrapping up 

To get your mixology party up and running, we recommend contacting professional bartenders or agencies that specialize in organizing these types of events. Self-improvisation is not always the best step.

As for the virtual space, this makes up half of the success of an event. At Party.Space, we can create a custom virtual casino, a bar (including real places) or, if you like, your office. The atmosphere will aim to capture the smallest details of your chosen environment.

If you decide to host a party in Party.Space, we will be happy to recommend an experienced cocktail mixing agency to ensure your attendees are able to create the cocktail of their dreams.

Published Jan 31, 2022

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